By Bren Spahn


Because the glass is still half empty,
And I'm still alone,
And the clock still ticks,
By and by

Foolish Heart

By Caroline Davis

I was so naive
to think you wouldn’t
hurt me yet again

Young and Yellow

By Dharma Gilley


You are yellow, young, and exuberant.

You are numbers that add up to possibilities, a new beginning. 
You are daybreak, sunset, and the shining stars in the sky. 

You are the Seven Wonders of the World.
You are the universe.

Violent Shades of Red

By Ry X
   I remember my fifth grade teacher telling me about how she loved art - loved, loved, loved it. I've been wondering what love means - is it a concept? Is it real? The scientist knows it to be a mixture of chemicals, the writer knows it to be anything and everything, the child knows it to be the way their mothers tuck them in bed at night, the astronomer knows it to be the stars - it's always the stars.

Excerpts From a Book I'll Never Write

 By Ryan Camesa
   ​I love how my heart swells like a blown up when I think about you. I love how your cheeks blush during the cold winter days. I love how your eyelashes fan the upper part of your cheekbones when you bat them. I love that fond look in your eyes when you look at something you love. I love how passionate you are about the things you believe in.

Baby Steps

By Danielle Leard

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Mental illness has gotten the best of me this year, and that’s something I’m admitting for the first time. This means key traits such as passion and joy have flickered out like Elton John's Candle In the Wind, and were replaced with the thoughts articulated in Sara Bareilles’ Hercules. In other words, if my well-being was a line graph, you’d recognize the drastic, depressing decrease very easily.

Starting Over

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

   Heartbreak. Losing someone you loved. Being lied to by someone you trusted. This all hurts, and can tear you apart. One minute, you can be deeply in love with someone, and the next that same person can be pulling you apart in every way, shape, and form. Loss, breakups, bad days, these all hurt the heart.

New Beginnings

The Red Bird

After some intense Googling, I found that the red robin symbolizes the return of warmth and a promise of new beginnings and meanings of cheer, joviality, and light-heartedness. -Annetzia Joseph

The Two 'Almost Faces'

I drew this at 12:27 in the morning, and I'm not ashamed. I took the time to think about what I would be encountering in 2016, and I knew that I wanted to meet new people. Hopefully, people that wouldn’t be so toxic. Hopefully, people that would bring me positivity and hope. I drew Almost Faces because I don't know what these people will look like for sure, but I know they’ll be coming my way. -Annetzia Joseph

Social Media and Empowerment: Lauren Tepfer

Gifted photographer and popular Instagram user Lauren Tepfer (@s.ilver) captures dreamy stills of people, places, and dreams. We discussed everything from social media's impact on our culture to her own vulnerabilities, as well as the turbulent ups and downs of a journey with self-love. Interview by Olivia Ferrucci.

Music Recommendations for Someone With Anxiety**


Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines by The Neighbourhood
This track from Wiped Out! has a slow beat and relaxing lyrics.

Golden by Fall Out Boy
Golden is a slow paced piano song sung by the talented Patrick Stump.

Always by Panic! At The Disco
The lyrics to this song are soothing, and so is the voice singing it.

**These recommendations were written by someone who has anxiety, and these songs are what personally helps them calm down when having a panic attack.**

Marina and the Diamonds


By Daisy Acosta

Starting New: A Country at War

By Lexi Miller
    With the Syrian civil war without a foreseeable end, many native Syrians have decided to flee their country in the hopes of finding a better and safer place to live. For years President Bashar al-Assad has been fighting to maintain power over the country’s Sunnis who have been rebelling. The US has been providing some aid to the Syrian war mainly by providing supplies and funds but have not declared war on Assad and therefore have no troops in Syria.

New Beginnings


songs about starting over

dog days are over- florence & the machine
it's not my fault, i'm happy- passion pit
alternate world- son lux
you- the 1975
now i'm learning to love the war- father john misty

Scars and Oblivion

By Rawan Olma

You told me I was more than just a tiny star in your galaxy
And I told you
That you were more than just a pretty face to me
We were wild and naive
And we had nothing to lose , or so we believed

A Playlist to Help You Love Yourself As Well As Everyone Else

1. Inside It All Feel The Same // Explosions In The Sky
Everyone has the same insides, whether you want to admit it or not. Here is
an instrumental track to remind you of how beautiful everyone is.


New Beginnings: Jinny Lee

On Relationships

By Maryann Hoyos

   In the beginning, everything would remind me of him. The water in the lake was the exact color of his eyes. The coffee shops I walked past were our dates. Music was the thing that reminded me most of him. He was a music major. He showed me musicians and bands he had recently discovered, sending me covers of songs now and again.

Kailey O'Farrell: New Beginnings


Melissa Atefi: New Beginnings


Lanee Roder: New Beginnings

I'm Lanee, and this is my friend Yeonjyu. She has been a big part of my new beginning. I started high school this year not having many friends, because they were all in different classes. Yeonjyu was in three of my classes including lunch, and although we had never said a word to each other last year, we instantly clicked and became friends. She's the best friend I could ask for, considering a majority of my friends last year didn't necessarily treat me how I should've been treated. Yeonjyu has been nothing but nice to me. She's a great start to my new beginning! 

New Beginnings: Claudine Prado

These pictures are ten months apart. A lot has changed since then, and her appearance is only one of them.   -Claudine Prado