A Playlist to Help You Love Yourself As Well As Everyone Else

1. Inside It All Feel The Same // Explosions In The Sky
Everyone has the same insides, whether you want to admit it or not. Here is
an instrumental track to remind you of how beautiful everyone is.

2. Dog Days Are Over // Florence + The Machine
The bad days will always come, but what you must remember is that they
will always leave. You will get better with time.

3. Think Good Thoughts // Colbie Caillat
You have got to remain positive in order to be happy. Think cheerful
thoughts, and your life will begin to improve!

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out // Mat Kearney
Never forget to take deep breaths when you are feeling unsettled in any way.
Sometimes, all it takes is a few deep breaths in order to move on. Do not let
yourself get stuck in a terrible memory or moment.

5. I Love Myself // Kendrick Lamar
You’ve got to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else. You have
to devote time to yourself before you can let yourself devote your time to
someone else. It can be painful to love others when you can’t figure out how
to love yourself. Sing along to this song, and learn how to love the real you.

6. Last Hope // Paramore
Sometimes you feel like there is no hope left, but I promise you there always
is at least a molecule of hope left. Things will happen that you do not like, but
you have to let yourself keep growing despite those events. You cannot be
afraid of life.

7. Brave // Sara Bareilles
Never be scared to speak out. Never be afraid to be whoever you want to be.
Say what you want to say; be brave.

8. Channel 5 // Less Than Jake
Not everything that you come across in life is going to be the right thing for
you. Just move on, and keep looking for what you feel fits your life.

9. It’s Not Your Fault // New Found Glory
Yes, there will be times that you have to take responsibility for your actions,
but never ever take responsibility for something that you did not do. Try not
to cry over something that is someone else’s fault.

10. Secrets // Mary Lambert
Let people know when something is wrong. Do not hide your problems and
do not try to be someone else. Wear whatever you want to wear. Be whoever
you want to be.

11. Who You Are // Jessie J
It is completely okay to cry if you are sad, but never let yourself be sad for
being whom you want. Sometimes it is hard, but you must be true to who you

12. Extraordinary Machine // Fiona Apple
You are extraordinary, even if you do not know it. Take whatever attitude
that people throw towards you, and make the most of it.

13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow // Israel Mamakawiwo’ole
This world is an incredible place. Teach yourself to appreciate it, every part
of it, the flowers and the sunshine and the oceans and even the rainstorms.

14. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da // The Beatles
No matter what you encounter, life will go on. You have to remember to
enjoy the great parts and embrace the not so great parts of your life.

15. Remember Me As A Time Of Day // Explosions In The Sky
Make people remember you in the most marvelous of ways. Be a light in the darkness. Love everyone you meet, even the most wretched of people. Most
importantly, love yourself. Spread radiance wherever you travel to. People
will remember the way you loved yourself, and they too, will love
themselves. Here is another instrumental track to spread light through your
body and out of your fingertips.

(A note from the maker of this playlist: It took me my entire life to learn how to
love myself. It takes time, and a lot of work, but it is possible. One day, you will get there. Remember that your life is only yours to live, so you must live it well. Remember that you are a phenomenal being and you can live in phenomenal ways. I encourage everyone to listen to this playlist all the way through and to take your own journey of self-love.)

Playlist by Dharma Gilley

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