The Makeup Industry: Self-Esteem

I hate makeup companies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a complete makeup enthusiast and you’ll catch me wearing it more often than not. My problem is not the makeup itself. It’s the fact that a multimillion makeup company will make profit off of insecurities and societally constructed beauty standards. It’s bad enough that countless people feel horrible about what they believe to be their flaws. This self-loathing is used merely as a  selling point. I do not need a businessman sitting in a cubicle to tell me whether my appearance is “acceptable”. An industry is not going to dictate what beauty is and bottle it for $9.99. Usage of makeup is a personal decision, and no one should believe that they are required to wear it just to “look good”. You want purple lips? Don’t want to wear a single ounce of makeup? That is YOUR decision and you go for it! Blue brows? Green eyeliner? Mascara? A soft pink lip? Whatever you choose, it is up to you.
A great amount of our youth is being told to purchase from an industry created off of their own insecurities. We need to be promoting self-love, appreciating everything about ourselves. Think about you. Not your face. Not your grades. Not whatever people defines you as. You are a collection of your brightest days and a survivor of your worst. You are the sunshine when the clouds got dark. You are capable. You are beautiful. What you want to look like, who you are, is up to you.You are you. You are a collection of so many days, so many words, so many early mornings and late night cups of coffee. Self-love and self-appreciation are our biggest voices. Be proud of who you are, and love yourself. -Sophie Cole

An Abstract Self-Love

I feel that when it comes to self-love, there is nothing specific to love besides yourself. No one is the same, which makes us all abstract in our own unique way. The most important thing we can do is love and appreciate our differences, because they are here for a reason. Our differences suit us and make us special. -Annetzia Joseph

Down For Myself

This piece is about being a young woman and feeling ethereal and beautiful despite harassment and feeling put-down by beauty standards. Be comfortable in the body that you have, belly pouch and under eye bags, and stretch marks and all. -Sadie Lewis

Painfully Human

 By Marinah Heaven Lopez

Fear Is Not Weakness

By Ammy Cruz

Visual Harmony

 My name is Willian Alava. I am sixteen years old and I reside in Caracas, Venezuela. Just a year ago, I discovered my passion for portraiture. When it is the time for the pictures, I try to establish a connection between the inner person and my lens or point of view. I commonly incorporate colors in the composition of my photos, seeking to issue pleasure, calm, or a visual harmony. I recently entered the world of photography, so I'm still in the process of fully defining my style. You can follow me on Instagram @wsffw, or check put my Flickr:!

Self-Portraiture and Love

Photoset by Andreina Familia

Art In Form

Photoset by Livvy DeMatteo

Cinematic Reflection

Photoset by Kayleigh Marie

A Morning Sonnet

By Rhiannon McGavin

from under textbooks, I awake at dawn
and commence a morning ritual gleaned
from reading French skincare articles, bonne

Keeping Up With the Changing Times in Regards to the Electoral College

By Lexi Miller
     A note before proceeding: This entire article discusses the Electoral College but before moving forward, perhaps it would be beneficial to describe what the Electoral College is and how it plays a role in electing the President of the United States.

Leave the Wasteland

By Eden Bailie

The chalk line society drew
between pink and blue
has been rightfully scrubbed
from the feebling blacktop
of the general public

Love Yourself and Love, Yourself

By Iya Perez

Dear Iya,
You don't need the mirror to assure you of the thoughts you had when you knew you were beautiful and didn't feel like your body was destroying your confidence.

Medication and Self-Care

By Maggie Carmody
    In a society where selflessness is highly valued, remembering to take care of yourself isn’t as innately routine as it should be. Taking time for yourself is important in staying happy and healthy, but more basic forms of self-care are often overlooked. When it comes down to it, I don’t think we focus enough upon things like full meals and a real catch- meds.

The American Dream

By Ry X
​   My friend wrote a play. There’s an alien named Mo chasing the American dream in a diner on Washington Street in Los Angeles. There’s someone chasing something I’m not sure exists anymore- like zoologists searching for wooly mammoths and saber toothed tigers, botanists looking for Zamites from the triassic period- I can’t help but think, what is the American dream? Opportunity...equality...liberty...rights...this is it.

All Bodies Are Good Bodies

By Faith Sumastre

Pure Happiness

By Bri Bailey
Self-love is like a quest. It may take weeks or years to accomplish. It is more than just love itself, it’s acceptance with everything you are. That may be difficult for some people- definitely for myself. It won’t come overnight and you may not completely get over all of your insecurities. 

An Anthology of Self-Love

By Dharma Gilley

Part I
My mind races, almost as if it were a Nascar competitor.
If only my anxiety would shutoffshutoffshutoff.
If only I could take deepbreathsdeepbreathsdeepbreaths.


By Bren Spahn
I am a sky, dipping back and forth gently between the mountains and hills; caressing the valleys each and every night. I am a mysterious and gentle work of art.

Jam Wilson and Self-Discovery

With a near 30,000 followers on Instagram alone, Jam Wilson (@2jam4u) has a valued and insightful voice within all social media platforms. Jam is well known for their role in the movement of intersectional feminism, particularly as a member of the Art Hoe Collective. I recently had the opportunity to discuss the matters of self-love and acceptance with Jam, as well as their personal obstacles and the means taken to overcome them. Interview by Olivia Ferrucci.


By Bridget Fitzpatrick

People think I'm crazy when I say I love myself. It's true. I have gained total, complete self-love. Of course, sometimes I get hard on myself, but I always go back to the fact that I love myself. I hate when people tear themselves down, and I almost feel it is awkward. People think it's weird that I love myself, but it's true. 

Self-Love: An Interview With Melissa Gibson

Kentucky-based Instagram user and model Melissa Gibson (@yourstruelymelly) serves as a role model for the body positivity movement with over 72,000 followers on Instagram. Through empowering fellow women of all body types, she strives to spread the notion that all bodies are beautiful. I recently had the chance to ask Melissa a few questions regarding her person journey with self-love, and all it embodies. Interview by Olivia Ferrucci.

Be Kind to Yourself

By Rawan Olma

You owe an yourself. How many times have you stood in front of a mirror and tore your body to shreds? How many times have you convinced yourself that you weren't loved? If you wouldn't say these things to a best friend, why would you ever tell them to yourself?


By Katherine Rhodes
You’ve got a chain around my heart,
And my heart wants to be free,
But it also almost likes its captivity
Because there’s something addicting about
Being crushed under your feet

Valentine's Day Jams

Playlist by Hannah Thompson

Feel Good / Calm Music



   - I Am Not A Robot-  Marina & The Diamonds  
    - Not Your Way- MisterWives 
    - Third Eye- Florence + The Machine
    - Scars To Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara 
    - Satellite Call- Sara Bareilles 

Love Yourself Series

By Rally Telano
​still, i rise - nicki minaj
diana young - vampire weekend
body of my own - charli xcx
i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds
survivor - destiny's child
stronger - britney spears
transgender dysphoria blues - against me!
float on - modest mouse
gold star for me - doddleoddle

Songs That Show You Where Home Is


Love Yourself.

Photoset by Melissa Atefi

The Complexity of Self-Appreciation

To Be Content

Photoset by Elise Cook

The Human Body (Beauty)

"I love my hair, and I love my skin I'm in. I don't have to be three pounds to be beautiful; I can't fit in my pants, I'm really curvy, but so what? I'm happy with myself. I wish every girl would realize how beautiful they truly are because once they do, it's like never ending happiness. I'd rather be happy than obsessing over what I look like. Have fun first, worry about your makeup later." ​Taken by Natalie Ondrik.


Photoset by Natalie Ondrik

Things I Cannot Say Out Loud: A Series

Photoset by Olivia Ferrucci

I Love Me

Photoset by Hannah Thompson

Teaching Self-Love