The Makeup Industry: Self-Esteem

I hate makeup companies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a complete makeup enthusiast and you’ll catch me wearing it more often than not. My problem is not the makeup itself. It’s the fact that a multimillion makeup company will make profit off of insecurities and societally constructed beauty standards. It’s bad enough that countless people feel horrible about what they believe to be their flaws. This self-loathing is used merely as a  selling point. I do not need a businessman sitting in a cubicle to tell me whether my appearance is “acceptable”. An industry is not going to dictate what beauty is and bottle it for $9.99. Usage of makeup is a personal decision, and no one should believe that they are required to wear it just to “look good”. You want purple lips? Don’t want to wear a single ounce of makeup? That is YOUR decision and you go for it! Blue brows? Green eyeliner? Mascara? A soft pink lip? Whatever you choose, it is up to you.
A great amount of our youth is being told to purchase from an industry created off of their own insecurities. We need to be promoting self-love, appreciating everything about ourselves. Think about you. Not your face. Not your grades. Not whatever people defines you as. You are a collection of your brightest days and a survivor of your worst. You are the sunshine when the clouds got dark. You are capable. You are beautiful. What you want to look like, who you are, is up to you.You are you. You are a collection of so many days, so many words, so many early mornings and late night cups of coffee. Self-love and self-appreciation are our biggest voices. Be proud of who you are, and love yourself. -Sophie Cole

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