Self-Discovery and Identity

By Marisol Medina

The Ballad of Me and My Brain by The 1975 

This song talks about losing who you are as a person, but continuing to search desperately.

My Shot by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda discusses coming from the bottom, rising up to the top and realizing you're more than you thought you were throughout this piece from Hamilton.

American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy

This Fall Out Boy jam is about realizing you love someone who's not like you at all.

Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At The Disco

About finding your identity, but having to keep it secret.

I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance

​Throughout this composition, Gerard Way sings of discovering you don't have feelings for someone as strongly as you once did and allowing yourself to move on from the suffering you endured.

Lie To The Truth by The Young Veins

About ignoring the reality of how you feel.

The "I" In Lie by Patrick Stump
This piece is about realizing you love all the wrong people.

Doubt by twenty one pilots
Explores the topic of doubting yourself and who you are as a person.

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