The Complexity of Existence

Existing is a complicated matter. Trying to identify or solve ourselves in the process is so overwhelming, and rather frustrating. I believe we find ourselves and lose ourselves very often. We change as we exist. We have these variations of ourselves that grow with us. When we change, we fade into new versions of ourselves. It is as if we are adding chapters to our life story. When you read a book, you don’t just rip out pages and leave them behind as you read; They remain a part of the book and thus a part of the story. Perhaps the chapter you’re currently in is extremely gloomy, or it’s the highlight so far. It's not always easy breezy flipping pages through rays of sunshine. Sometimes, we kind of get stuck within ourselves. Call it the “in between”, when you start to notice things changing but they haven’t quite done so yet. No matter how drastic it is, change is change. Speaking as someone who’s usually pretty oblivious, the first time I noticed things changing, I felt as if everything was moving and I couldn’t stop it. Things do settle down and work out, though, because your story is unfinished and you have many more chapters to add to the wonderful book of you. When we try to pinpoint our exact identity, we oftentimes jump to a single word or adjective. We are SO much more than one word or a sentence. We are every version of us we have ever been. We are all of our conversations and our dreams and our laughter-filled days and dreary Sundays.  I chose to use the style I did for my piece, because I see these existences as chapters in books. Being the artist I am, I sometimes see them as colors; We are this piece of art that's full of life and color, but we change. Some become more vivid, and others fade. We are hopelessly trying to analyze ourselves via a black and white definition, but I think we are in fact existing in color. -Sophie Cole

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