The Grunge Identity

"Sometimes you can lose your identity.
And you stand still like a stone wall.
And you stare into the distance. All your thoughts are gone.
And you search someone who can remember you; who you really are.
But nobody knows this. Nobody except yourself." -Nalie

Playground Reflections

Carlos Semedo on Change


A Change in Color

Photoset by @sorrowfulady


By Sebastian Matthew

Awhile back, my dad took me to New Mexico,
    pulled over.
        “Let me drive.”
    Miles upon miles.

I'd Like to Pick Up Painting

By Breia Gore



By Dharma Gilley

Change is in the wind.
Blowing every which way, keeping things moving.
Light brings variation,
Through the sunsets and the differing colors.
Seasons hold adjustment.

Film & Career

By Emily Davis

   Author Vera Nazarian once said, “
If you are faced with a mountain, you have several options. You can climb it and cross to the other side. You can go around it. You can dig under it. You can fly over it. You can blow it up. You can ignore it and pretend it’s not there. You can turn around and go back the way you came. Or you can stay on the mountain and make it your home”. 

Omnipresent Change

By Danielle Leard

   The world is huge. That is a fact we all generally realize, sure, but what it actually means for the earth to be what it is—so huge and so active—is a bit harder to keep in mind all of the time. Each of us have incredibly busy, crazy lives that change daily, and we just can’t afford to be constantly aware of others’ struggles. But this is real.

When I Was Young

By Elijah  Collins

When I was young
I wanted to be a princess
in a castle
with glittering walls

Time for Change

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

      All my life, I have been told to change. Change the way I eat, because I’m fat, though I’ve always eaten healthy. I have been told to change my workout habits, to actually workout, even though I do every day. I’ve been told to change the way I dress, because it’s “too revealing” for a fat girl. My whole life has been a series of body shaming and hate due to the way I look.

Opal (Sunlight Coming Through)

By Breia Gore

There are moments in the first light,
when the sky is just barely dress and
kitten breath is fresh on the tongue
that daybreak begs for the tweak of change.

9 Changes I've Made Since 9th Grade

 By Danielle Chelosky

1. I genuinely understand the importance of grades, which causes my GPA to be at least five points higher than it was last year. While I don’t enjoy or care about geometry or biology, I still work to get the grade that satisfies me.

The Last

By Lou Escobar

September 26, 2015.
Who knew that that day would be the last.
The last time that I would ever be wrapped up with your body against mine. 
The last time that me and you would glance upon the neon paper airplanes hanging from my ceiling, wishing upon them if we could have just another day to ourselves. 


By Ry X

One day, one of us will be the dragon breathing fire into the world’s darkest corner,
and one of us will still get to be the knight in shining armor.
I imagine your hands gripped firmly on that worn leather handle.
You’ll look into my eyes one last time before the blade burns through my dragon hide.

Kill, Create, Change

By Sydney Newcomb

I’ll kill all the parts of myself I despise
I can chop off my hair
and throw out all the clothes I don't like
and what I can't kill, I will create

American Flag

By RyLee Weatherby

I was three years old when 9/11 happened,
And my family always tells me that I thought
If we had an American flag in our front yard
Nothing bad could happen.

Kiera Please on Change

Kiera Please is a widely known social media icon characterized by her incredible makeup looks and sweet persona. With an amassed following exceeding 130,000 (@kieraplease on Instagram), she seeks to raise self-esteem and positivity in fellow adolescents online. Editor Olivia Ferrucci provided Kiera with a series of questions regarding the changes she has seen in herself and the effects of social media.

Thanya Fox: Change

Thanya Fox is a young creative based in Thailand. Her inspiring posts (@thanyafox) have garnered an audience of thousands, uplifting and educating countless individuals. Our editor, Olivia Ferrucci, asked Thanya a few questions about how social media has affected her life and the complexity in speaking out.

Laurel Biedrzycki: The New Kathleen Hanna

Laurel Biedrzycki is an exuberant 16-year-old that contains an inexplicable amount of talent and creativity. She enjoys traveling and has done a few performances all over the place! Ever since she was a child, her father introduced her to bands like The Cure, Pink Floyd, and The Clash—she actually still listens to them to this day. She's currently putting together a new band, and will be performing once again on the 22nd of May. She also writes short stories/poetry. Laurel's main goal is to be happy doing what she loves most: making music. Her voice is so filled with emotion and power, it's impossible to find another with a voice just as unique as hers. Interview by Naomi Cordova and Olivia Ferrucci.

We Are Always Changing

The first thing I think of when I hear the word 'change' is in how much I've done it. I have altered my way of thinking, acting with others, how I've opened up more to others, and how much confident I am now of myself. I used to be surrounded by people I did not feel comfortable just to fit in, because I had no confidence to be on my own. Now I am just myself, and thanks to that, I have known people who are worth it. I can also say that my pictures have changed. They have improved, but maintain my style; however, I am always learning. In fact, we are always changing. Get out of your comfort zone and start changing things that are not necessary in your life, or that are affecting you, because no one else will. -Willian Alava
Model: Terfa El Rifaie, 2016


From the Playground

Our Bodies



Photoset by Savannah


The Lights.

Magic (Girls)

Photoset by Annie Velenovsky

花樣年華- The Age of Blossoms / The Flowery Years

I first heard of the Chinese metaphor 花樣年華 from watching one of my now favourite films, In The Mood for Love, which is directed by Wong Kar-Wai. It refers to the fleeting nature of youth and beauty, just like how a flower that blossoms must eventually die. Most of my friends and myself are moving between high school and university, adolescence and adulthood. Our worlds and ourselves are changing. These photos are of my friends who are caught in this change, in these flowering years. 
-Danielle Hioe (@14strk)

My Full Potential

Growing up, I always wanted to make things. When I reached the fruitful age of  fifteen, that all changed when people told me to "be realistic", and I started taking courses that I thought would make me more money in the future. This included courses like biology, advanced functions, and chemistry. I hated every second of it. I would dread going to school, and soon enough I developed an attendance problem. It took me a very long time to accept the fact that I'm happiest when I'm making art and that I WAS an artist. This statement "I am an artist" instilled so much change in my life, and here is me one year later making art with my three years of math notes. i have one play (written, directed, and performed by me) under my belt and a spot in my dream program at the RTA School of Media. I don't know what I'm going to be doing five years from now, but I am an artist and I've found a lot of peace in that. -Marta Golova (Instagram).

The City

Songs About a Particular Person

By Daisy Acosta

Names are a huge part of somebody's identity. Just one word can bring a nostalgic image back to life, including who they were and the amazing memories you shared with them.

Lola - Alex Calder
Annie - Mac Demarco
For Emma - Bon Iver 
Carmen - Lana Del Rey
Sherrill - Mac Demarco 
Fred Astaire - San Cisco
Ruby - Foster The People
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Michelle - The Beatles

Change Playlist

By Sydney Newcomb

A Change of Heart by­ The 1975

This song off the 1975’s new hit album talks about changing how you feel about someone and deciding it's not what you want in a partner.

Spring Playlist: Teenage Talk

By Sebastian Matthew

Spring is a time for awakening something new within you. It is also the perfect time for growth and self-discovery, given that everything is beginning to thrive and blossom. This playlist is meant to accompany you on your journey through the perplexing moments of self-intimacy and enlightenment that one experiences when trying to piece together the map of their development.

Growing Up & Growing Apart

By Rawan Olma

1. Wake Up- Arcade Fire
2. Everybody's Changing- Keane  
3. Ribs- Lorde
4. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)- Green Day 
5. Slowtown- Twenty One Pilots
6. Seventeen- Alessia Cara  

Changes Playlist

​Changes - David Bowie 
Any Other World - Mika 
Do You Love Me Like You Used To - Best Coast 
Feels Like The First Time - Foreigner 
Lethal Enforcer - We Are Scientists
Lifetime - Emeli Sandé
Tennis Court - Lorde
Tessellate - Tokyo Police Club
White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
Yes I'm Changing - Tame Impala

By Rally Telano

Change: A Playlist

By Marisol Medina

Change by The Young Veins
"Some people never change. They just stay the same way."

Franklin by Paramore
"And going back wont feel the same if we arent staying. And going back to get away after everything has changed."

Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots
"I'm taking over my body, back in control, no more shotty. I bet a lot of me was lost, 'T's uncrossed and 'I's undotted."

Seasons (Waiting On You) by Future Islands
"Seasons change, but I've grown tired of trying to change for you."

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

"Now first it wasn't easy, changing rock and roll, and minds. And things were getting shaky. I thought I'd have to leave it behind, but now it's so much better."

Snap Out Of It by Arctic Monkeys
"I'll be here waiting ever so patiently for you to snap out of it."

We Never Change by Coldplay
"We never change, do we?"

In Bloom by Nirvana

"Weather changes moods. Spring is here again."

The Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
"Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can't carry it with you if you want to survive."

Deacon Blues by Steely Dan

"Throw a kiss and say goodbye. I'll make it this time. I'm ready to cross that fine line."


"Don't you know I love the way that I'm turning? 
You make me feel like someone new."

Who exactly is Flume? Flume creates music that charges you up with a kind of energy you wished you had forever. There is a common argument floating around that Flume doesn't fit in any genre; he is his own genre (I agree, by the way). There is really no use in trying to come up with a way to describe who he is, since listening to his creations will do a better job anyways:

I. Turning
II. This Song is Not About a Girl
III. Drop The Game
IV. Sleepless
V. Some Minds


Things Change Playlist

Things Change

Our Growth


The Moon and Me

We watch the moon change all throughout the year and all we can think about is how beautiful it is. If we think about it, the moon needs to change and it does. Why aren't we a little bit more like the moon? Most people are afraid of change- we need to understand that humans always change, for better or worse. As one of my dearest friends wrote, "We tend to underestimate our power to become something beautiful (perfect), different from what we are." If we never change, we will never know how far we can get, just like a sketch that is hard to understand can become a beautiful painting. -Laura Oyuela

How Change Shapes Us

This project is meant to showcase the change we ascend through as we pass through adolescence. By capturing critical moments in a person's life, we can better understand who they are. I asked one of our contributors, Rally Telano and our editor in-chief Olivia Ferrucci to send me a picture of how they appear now and how they were as a child. From then I created illustrations of them and paired each along with how each person has seen themselves change.

Drawings of Readers II


   1) "Monet.."
        NAME: @marzipanmbc
        PAINTING: "Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies 1899, Claude Monet"
    2) "Van Gogh..."
        NAME: @izzy.schulte
        PAINTING: "Sunflowers 1888, Vincent Van Gogh"
​If you're a reader who would like to be drawn, DM on Instagram!


Art by Perri Freeman


My painting "Connections" features two aliens, one a mother and the other a child. If you look closely, you can see how by touching the child, the mom is beginning to change colors. This piece not only emulates the connection between mother and child, but also shows how parenthood can bring happiness into one's life. Another way the changing colors can be interpreted is by the mother giving her 'color' to the child.  -Aurel BockNelson