9 Changes I've Made Since 9th Grade

 By Danielle Chelosky

1. I genuinely understand the importance of grades, which causes my GPA to be at least five points higher than it was last year. While I don’t enjoy or care about geometry or biology, I still work to get the grade that satisfies me.

2. I’ve realized which people I want to be around and which I don’t and I act upon that knowledge, because how I feel is depended on how the people around me make me feel. I know who has positive vibes and who doesn’t, and I know which vibes I want to surround myself with.

3. My music taste is evolving and growing because I find joy in searching through different genres rather than confining myself in just one. Only listening to one genre was time wasted I’ll never get back; there’s so much music out there that appeals to me, no matter the genre.

4. I walk into school wearing blue jeans and a band t-shirt because I want to, I walk into school wearing a pink sweater and a cute skirt because I can. I won’t ever change my clothes because I’m worried about who might not like it or what people might think about me, what I wear is how I express myself.

5. I focus on what’s important to me because in my life I work on what I want to. What I want to do and what I’m passionate about is going to be the driving force of what keeps me alive, and if I don’t pay attention to it, then what’s the point?

6. I’ve learned to be content with being alone–I can feel free rather than lonely. Though I adore spending time with my friends, I need to learn how to adore spending time by myself because in my life I’ll be the one to stick around the longest.

7. I don’t waste time worrying about my reputation because I care more about how I view myself instead of how others view me. Wherever I am is a temporary place that I’ll leave eventually, therefore the way people see me is not as significant as they way I see myself.

8. I noticed that in the grand scheme of things, what’ll truly make things go uphill is if I stop doing what looks good and start doing what feels good. While getting all dolled up calls for a great time, what really makes that great time happen is if I’m feeling as good as I look.

9. I’ve developed an understanding for the way I want to get through the rest of this odd learning experience called high school. It’s not been too easy so far, but I’m almost done with my second year. I’ve made it this far and even though I feel like a mess, I’ll make it through the next two years because if I can make it through freshman and sophomore year I can definitely get through junior and senior.

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