American Flag

By RyLee Weatherby

I was three years old when 9/11 happened,
And my family always tells me that I thought
If we had an American flag in our front yard
Nothing bad could happen.

I was not yet three feet tall
With the entire world stretched
Out in front of me and I thought
That a piece of fabric could save me.
At nine years old my room
Was covered in American flags,
They littered my walls and my bed spread
And my birthday party was even American flag themed.
I had never felt real pain and yet
I plastered my life with the one thing
That I thought could keep it away.
I was prepared.
I haven’t had an American flag
On my wall or in my yard
For the past ten years and I’ve stopped believing
They’ll keep me from harm. I know they won’t,
But the fourth of July is still my favorite
Holiday and I wear red white and blue
Like its spirit week in the third grade.
Something about the fireworks feels safe,
Before it all changes again.

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