Beginning of Purpose

By Iya Perez

    At some point in our lives, we can't help but ask ourselves, "Who am I and why am I here?". I know for myself, I have had this thought running around my mind for as long as I could remember. It was a thought which deeply bothered me, simply because there isn't a single concrete answer that I could gather.

Through various reflections I have had in the duration of my life, I have finally found what I have been dreading. So, what makes you you? What builds you as a person throughout your growth, your whole life span? Well, aside from our cells, of course, we have the interaction between ourselves and our environment which, on a daily basis, serve as our influences. The 'environment' here would refer to both the virtual world, especially if we engage in different forms of social media, and of course, the physical world, which would include our community, our neighborhood, school/work, family, friends, etc. Situations that happen around you help you make use of humans’ gift of thought, which creates different opinions and results in choices (such as whether we choose to agree or disagree on what an individual/group/the media uphold), likes, dislikes, and actions. It's totally impossible to say, "I don't know myself" when you know for yourself what type of friend you want or the type of music you love. We know details of ourselves which make us ourselves. If you're looking for a single word to actually describe you, that's total absurdity because we really can't limit the definition of a human being (sometimes, we really do underestimate what we have, such as a brain and all the rest of our organs. I mean, genuine amazement overwhelmed me in biology class) with just a single word. So, who are you, and why are you here, then? As they say, adventure is the best way to learn. Experiences, problems, outside of your comfort zone- that's where you'll discover more of yourself. Widen your knowledge of your identity and your capability as an amazing human being because the answer are entirely identical to the answers others may obtain, and that is in fact a beautiful thing. As Tyler Joseph, a member of the two-piece band twenty one pilots puts it, "The beginning of purpose is found in creating something that only you understand."

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