How Change Shapes Us

This project is meant to showcase the change we ascend through as we pass through adolescence. By capturing critical moments in a person's life, we can better understand who they are. I asked one of our contributors, Rally Telano and our editor in-chief Olivia Ferrucci to send me a picture of how they appear now and how they were as a child. From then I created illustrations of them and paired each along with how each person has seen themselves change.

Rally Telano - I think the thing that has most drastically changed about me in the last 10 years is my appearance. When I was little, how I look now is how I always wanted to look. It has definitely impacted my confidence in a positive light and I am really proud to say that if my present self went back in time to visit my past self I would be so happy and want to be best friends with myself.
Olivia Ferrucci - I think I've definitely changed in the sense that I've witnessed the gift in being alive and become very aware of the blessings in my life. Also, I've found writing! It's my passion and I really want to pursue it as a career - the magazine is an amazing way to help me learn more about the process. 

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