Improving Identity

By RyLee Weatherby

In my mind I see
A snapshot-
Me at seven with wide eyes
And chubby cheeks.
My mouth full of candy,
My heart full of innocence.

Now that the innocence
And the candy
And the chubby cheeks
Have all disappeared
It seems that I
Am left hardened.

But inside I know
That I am full of vulnerability,
Of love,
Of light,
That my eyes may not be
Wide, but they are bright.

I am aching
To give and receive love.
I am soft and kind,
Despite my thick layer of skin.
I have felt pain
And yet I long
​To give others kindness.

I am strong,
And I am brave,
And I am beautiful.
I am smart and kind
And to most I am unshakeable,
To few I am breaking.

I have come out of
Hardship unscathed,
I am grieving
And still I smile, because
I am brave, I am strong, and I am beautiful.

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