Laurel Biedrzycki: The New Kathleen Hanna

Laurel Biedrzycki is an exuberant 16-year-old that contains an inexplicable amount of talent and creativity. She enjoys traveling and has done a few performances all over the place! Ever since she was a child, her father introduced her to bands like The Cure, Pink Floyd, and The Clash—she actually still listens to them to this day. She's currently putting together a new band, and will be performing once again on the 22nd of May. She also writes short stories/poetry. Laurel's main goal is to be happy doing what she loves most: making music. Her voice is so filled with emotion and power, it's impossible to find another with a voice just as unique as hers. Interview by Naomi Cordova and Olivia Ferrucci.
Naomi: How has your music changed over the years as your persona as a musician has evolved?
Laurel: I mean, when I started listening to music, I became more aware of myself, and I started reaching out to new ideas—it helped me develop as a person, develop my style, that kind of thing.

Naomi: Have your actions affected your music over time?
Laurel: When it comes to the music, the more shows I went to, the more open I became about the kind of music I listen to. That DEFINITELY changed some things.

Naomi: Do you think your music has made you grow as a person?
Laurel: Me growing and changing and my music growing and changing kind of go hand in hand, like they both affect each other in a way. Like, as I grow, so does my music.

Naomi: Is adapting to new spaces and places to practice/perform difficult or easy?
Laurel: it's easy—as long as I'm making music, it feels the same.

Naomi: How much has music changed your life so far, overall? What would you be doing for the future without it?
Laurel: I mean, it really makes me who I am. If I didn't have music, I have NO idea where I'd be. I don't know, it's like the only thing that really matters to me right now—like it's changed me so much. I don't know what I'd be like without it.

Naomi: Has your interest in music stayed the same over the years, or has it changed every now and then? What's your main goal/focus when it comes to your music?
Laurel: Shoot, I mean, it changes all the time. I don't listen to the same type of music for a month straight, probably. So yeah, I listen to just anything I find and it changes a lot. And for the other question, my main goal? I feel like I can bring something different to the table. Like, I see a lot of people doing the same thing when it comes to music, and it's getting a little repetitive? I just feel like I can kind of do something else. Especially with women in music—we're just being SO underrepresented.. I feel like I want to change that. There should also be more, like, diversity among women in the "music scene", because it's mostly kind of the same look and... I just wanna bring something else. Maybe make a change, you know.

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