Leave the Wasteland

By Eden Bailie

The chalk line society drew
between pink and blue
has been rightfully scrubbed
from the feebling blacktop
of the general public

The marks left on its surface;
indicating which sexual preference
or racial minority
will be most discriminated against

This blacktop is forever changing,
its cracked chalk marks constantly hindering
the existence of the oppressed
a girl whose stomach fills with water-soaked tissues
due to manipulated ideas of an acceptable body,
her mind fooled by photoshop
A black ten-year-old shot in the chest, 
the toy gun he held tumbling to the pavement

A flow of ideas and opinions washes over this blacktop
erasing away politics and pop culture
that fall out-of-trend
and will continue to do so
until we take note of the fact that 
insignificant opinions serve no validation
or measure of self-worth

Under bruised, cut & skin varying in color
there is blood running through the veins of us all
the same blue, rushing liquid
no less than one another’s 

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