Love Yourself and Love, Yourself

By Iya Perez

Dear Iya,
You don't need the mirror to assure you of the thoughts you had when you knew you were beautiful and didn't feel like your body was destroying your confidence.

You don't need to feel envious towards anyone. You're a human being. You can make mistakes just like anyone else, so long as you learn from them. They are meant to make you stronger. Don't be afraid to pull out your camera and take photos of everything. You don't have to be afraid to voice your opinion, especially when it is needed. How can you get what you want if you don't speak up? Don't let anyone define you, because you are truly the only person who can completely define who you really are. You can say no, if you think it's best for you. Don't cram, it will help you avoid anxiety. Learn to appreciate yourself and your works some more. Give yourself the credit you deserve. You are, after all, the only person you'll have at the end of the day. Take care of yourself, and give yourself the happiness you deserve. There's a whole world out there. You'll be fine. 


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