Medication and Self-Care

By Maggie Carmody
    In a society where selflessness is highly valued, remembering to take care of yourself isn’t as innately routine as it should be. Taking time for yourself is important in staying happy and healthy, but more basic forms of self-care are often overlooked. When it comes down to it, I don’t think we focus enough upon things like full meals and a real catch- meds.

    Medication is scary. I often have to push myself to take mine. Whether daily, emergency, or both, the most frightening aspect is dependency. Once you have to take shots monthly or accumulate a countertop covered in pill bottles, you’re stuck in it. I’d like to clarify an important difference between dependency and addiction before continuing on, seeing as misconception could lead to unintentional and unfair villainization. Addiction is the bodily reliance on a substance it does not require. Dependency, in this case, is the reliance on a critical substance required for normal function. The scary thing about medication is dependency. Needing something is unsettling. I had an existential breakdown whilst being reintroduced to twice a day medication. The fact that I couldn’t properly function without pumping chemicals into my system was terrifying. A real feeling of personal insufficiency can come with dependency. It’s rough, but it’s the truth.
Returning to the real overlying topic of self-care here, feeling insufficient is not good for your mental health in any way, shape, or form. Understanding that you need to take medication and that it doesn’t make you any better or worse than anyone else is hard. It really comes down to perspective. Imagine it this way- would you ask a friend to tell you what your teacher covered while you zoned out in class? Of course! It keeps you out of deep shit. That’s how you have to think of medication, just a friend keeping you out of trouble. Keep it light-hearted, and remember they’re there to help. You’re not broken. Everyone needs a hand now and again.

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