Omnipresent Change

By Danielle Leard

   The world is huge. That is a fact we all generally realize, sure, but what it actually means for the earth to be what it is—so huge and so active—is a bit harder to keep in mind all of the time. Each of us have incredibly busy, crazy lives that change daily, and we just can’t afford to be constantly aware of others’ struggles. But this is real.

   Every day, you change. You learn something, you see a movie, you converse, you move, and you never stop doing things. Hence, you never stop changing. With ever-changing lives, we tend to forget about change that is happening around the world within every second, because it is not relevant to us. Change can be hard. Change can be really hard. And to realize that everybody around you is constantly being affected by change too is, well . . . maybe a good thing?

   Think about changes that are going on in your life right now. You lost your job? Your grades are awful? You’re not the only person affected by these situations. Other people exist and other people’s lives are altered by events and such that happen primarily in your life. The way in which we currently track time and space tells us that there is cause and effect in this universe, and whatever happens to you, happens to someone else too.

   Change happens all the time on this planet, in each and all of our lives. It can be difficult. Remembering this can be an anchor of sanity to help us remember the world isn’t against us.

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