On Relationships

By Maryann Hoyos

   In the beginning, everything would remind me of him. The water in the lake was the exact color of his eyes. The coffee shops I walked past were our dates. Music was the thing that reminded me most of him. He was a music major. He showed me musicians and bands he had recently discovered, sending me covers of songs now and again. I still listen to those covers sometimes, but my heart doesn't ache as much as it did the last time I had listened to it. My morning coffee tasted sweeter than the last time I had drank it. I always used to think he would be my future, but he is now my past. I will never love anyone like that again, and I don't want to. Every relationship will be different. Every relationship will have different flaws and different perfections. I will not only find someone better but I will find someone who will love all of me. They will love my frizzy hair and my bland eye color. All of me. He is now my past and I am glad. I deserve better.

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