By Ry X

One day, one of us will be the dragon breathing fire into the world’s darkest corner,
and one of us will still get to be the knight in shining armor.
I imagine your hands gripped firmly on that worn leather handle.
You’ll look into my eyes one last time before the blade burns through my dragon hide.

And I will see a world on fire. Memories will flare up like never before. I will remember loving you.
I will remember time slipping through my fingers like sand, I will remember each second passing,
I will remember the sound of our two beating hearts, we had the world in our hands.
When the world became barren desert sands, I drew a map.
Then the rain came pouring down, tidal waves drowned and washed you away.
They buried your dreams six feet underground,
so here we are again. Together at last.
You grab hold of your newfound rage, and your blade burns through my dragon hide.
You will look into my eyes one last time as your world turns to black,
the ashes cloud your thoughts, your mind will be plagued by flashbacks,
and you will remember loving me.
You will remember running from the monsters we could never see,
you will remember the sound of branches snapping under our feet, and my scraped knees.
When the stars went out and the forest turned black, you were a burning flame.
Then the wind came and blew you out, I plummeted into the dark abyss,
setting fire to my lungs hoping the sparks would lead me back to you.
I grab onto my newfound rage and summon the fiery pits of hell from my lungs,
engulfing everything. I wish to tell our story but I must ask...
Who was the dragon? And who was the hero?

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