Pure Happiness

By Bri Bailey
Self-love is like a quest. It may take weeks or years to accomplish. It is more than just love itself, it’s acceptance with everything you are. That may be difficult for some people- definitely for myself. It won’t come overnight and you may not completely get over all of your insecurities. 
It is not easy to love every inch of your body and overall personality when doubt and insecurity block your mind. That is the obstacle we have to overcome; doubt. We have to overcome the thoughts in our head telling us we aren’t good enough, and instead learn how to accept what are considered to be flaws. Surround yourself with positive energy. Compliment yourself daily, and learn not to compare yourself to others. Block out the people who are stopping you from loving yourself. Each step you take to help love yourself is another step closer to completing this quest. You and I both are going to make it to the end and experience pure happiness one day, I promise. 

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