Scars and Oblivion

By Rawan Olma

You told me I was more than just a tiny star in your galaxy
And I told you
That you were more than just a pretty face to me
We were wild and naive
And we had nothing to lose , or so we believed

But believing is the first step to oblivion
And slowly, ignorance became a comfort to me
As I let empty “I love you”'s and insincere apologies numb the madness going through my head

But suddenly the cosmos of our little galaxy began to shift,
the planets were falling out of alignment.
Then one day, you decided to open up the wounds that I had just finished healing
And every day, I would try to stitch up my scars
You would be the one to unravel the thread.
Your lullabies became the monsters under my bed
Your embrace began to feel like daggers digging through my chest
All this time, I thought I had fallen in love
When all I did was fall for a trap

But as I stand over the graveyards of our broken memories 
That have just began to gather dust,
I realize that I am finally free.
Free of the words you chained me down with
Free of the games that you only knew the rules to
Free of you.
Now, I’m no longer foolishly drowning myself in your music
Instead, I’m writing the lyrics of a new song.

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