Starting New: A Country at War

By Lexi Miller
    With the Syrian civil war without a foreseeable end, many native Syrians have decided to flee their country in the hopes of finding a better and safer place to live. For years President Bashar al-Assad has been fighting to maintain power over the country’s Sunnis who have been rebelling. The US has been providing some aid to the Syrian war mainly by providing supplies and funds but have not declared war on Assad and therefore have no troops in Syria.

           Recently however, there has been an influx of refugees coming from Syria. This has happened for a number of reasons. Primarily, the war is not getting any better. Next, around two million refugees have been accepted into Turkey but they can not legally work there which causes a problem for the refugees. Legally, Turkey (or any other country) cannot turn away any refugees because it is against the law to send a refugee away once they have come to the country.
           Greece’s economy, for example, has been crippled for a long period of time and they are struggling as a nation. With the influx of refugees coming to Greece they are suffering even harsher consequences such as lack of food and other resources.
           The next question to be posed that relates directly to our country (the USA) is on whether we should accept refugees and if so, how many. The main concern against accepting refugees is due to the fact that some of them could be alleged terrorists disguised as refugees. Because they are refugees, not all of them may have documentation for the US to run substantial background checks.
           However, a significant amount of contradictory evidence exists. Since Syria is a developed country and many of them have access to technology, it could be possible to perform background checks. The leader of the FBI however, recently made a statement explaining it would be nearly impossible to perform adequate background checks.
           Understanding that it is clearly unfair to label all Syrians as terrorists because that is so clearly not true: the extreme paranoia occurring in America currently cannot be ignored.
           Looking forward, the Syrian refugees are looking forward to start a new life in the hopes that their country’s problems be resolved. While the US may be in a state of paranoia, it is important to remember the innocent lives at risk.

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