Violent Shades of Red

By Cath Lei
   I remember my fifth grade teacher telling me about how she loved art - loved, loved, loved it. I've been wondering what love means - is it a concept? Is it real? The scientist knows it to be a mixture of chemicals, the writer knows it to be anything and everything, the child knows it to be the way their mothers tuck them in bed at night, the astronomer knows it to be the stars - it's always the stars.
So, to ask me would be...not a good idea, because I am a writer, and writers know love to be anything and everything. But, from the mind of a person - this is what I think love is.

   I broke up with my first boyfriend in freshman year of high-school, where most relationships lasted just slightly longer than middle school ones. For a while, I was...not devastated, but not perfectly fine either. The fine line that used to define these two different moods began to smudge, until it was just a transitioning color, a slightly darker shade of red between lighter shades of red.

   At the time, I thought love was violent shades of red. Bright lipstick, holding hands, and beating hearts - I still do, but there's something more.

   It's new beginnings and closed chapters; knowing where things end and where they start. It's knowing that sometimes, something new might not be the most beautiful thing. It's knowing that in time, new will become old, and knowing that someday, things will be more beautiful and more terrifying than they used to be.

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