A Love Letter to San Francisco

By RyLee Weatherby
Two weeks ago, I sat in my dorm room for what would be the last time and reflected on the past nine months that I had spent in San Francisco. I thought about all of the new experiences from that first year and I couldn’t help but feel sad about leaving the place that held all of my first year memories as I stared at the now blank walls and empty shelves. I hadn’t realized until that moment just how much I had grown this first year. I knew that I couldn’t leave without paying some respect to the city that had shaped me my first year, so I decided to visit some common tourist attractions and document my experiences as an ode to San Francisco. As I sat in empty rooms of the De Young Museum surrounded by art, in between the trees of the Japanese Tea Garden, and on the sand of Ocean Beach, I was hit again and again by the realization of how small I was and how big the world was stretched before me. I had never done anything like this by myself as I had never felt comfortable enough, but I was glad that I had because it gave me a chance to experience these breathtaking moments in seclusion and to look back on who I was before and where I now stood. I had become a braver and more adventurous person, at least by my standards, and I was becoming who I had always imagined myself to be. I was now more comfortable in my own skin and less afraid of the world, all thanks at least in part to San Francisco, the city that captivated my heart.

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