Easy Cappuccino

Recipe and Visuals by Laura Oyuela

2 1/2 tsp instant coffee
1 cup water
1 cup milk
Sugar (optional)
Cinnamon (optional)

1. Make your normal coffee. Heat the water, on the microwave or on the stove; pour it over the instant coffee. You can also use one cup of brewed coffee instead of instant coffee.
2. Meanwhile, heat the milk (or a milk alternative of choice, such as soy or almond milk) on the microwave or stove until hot but lacking bubbles on the sides. Pour the milk on your mug and, with a small whisk, twirl until foam is made.
3. After having both the coffee and milk, pour the coffee into the milk.
4. At last, you can add sugar and/or cinnamon if desired.    
This is just for you to see how the pictures go with the recipe…

C:\Documents and Settings\Gaby\Mis documentos\Downloads\DSC00359.JPG

Make your coffee.
C:\Documents and Settings\Gaby\Mis documentos\Downloads\DSC00361.JPG

C:\Documents and Settings\Gaby\Mis documentos\Downloads\DSC00363.JPG

Heat the milk and make the foam.
C:\Documents and Settings\Gaby\Mis documentos\Downloads\DSC00364.JPG

Pour the coffee over the milk.
C:\Documents and Settings\Gaby\Mis documentos\Downloads\DSC00366.JPG


C:\Documents and Settings\Gaby\Mis documentos\Downloads\DSC00368.JPG

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