Escaping the Haze: A List on How to Portray Yourself to the World

By Iya Perez
   If someone were to ask me what I see when I look at the mirror, I would tell
them that I see a question addressed right at me. Did I have an answer?
The most appropriate answer for that would be I had to have one. Otherwise, I would
allow the rest of the world to give the answer for me, because I did not only
reflect a question to myself, but I also reflected a question to others. So then, how
does one exactly clear out the hazy reflection one sees in oneself? How would I
let my answer prevail the answers the rest of the world has for me?

1.  The first step is getting to know oneself. Remember, you are more than that
physical image you see in that mirror. Your real reflection lies inside of you. If you
think about it, really, being called a human is actually extraordinary. Each one of
us is filled with wonders and we should actually dedicate more time to exploring them. How so? Experiment. Try everything. Create art. Create music. Do sports. Follow what your heart desires and once you get there, never leave. Continue to pursue it, so long as it doesn't damage you nor should it create destruction to the world. Although we are more than the physical image we see in the mirror, it is still important that we keep in mind that we  are living mirrors as well. 

2. Filter out your surroundings. Our surroundings, in a way, reflect who we are. The term 'surroundings' isn't just limited to the places in which we live or work. It also refers to the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Surround yourself with beautiful things
instead, especially those that inspire you to achieve your purpose and make you comfortable with the person you choose to be.

3. Spread the word. You can communicate your answer to the world with confidence and courage. It shouldn't matter what other people would say or think about you. Keep your chin up and shout out your purpose louder than you have ever screamed in your entire life. Fight for who you are, your rights and for your fellow people. You are meant to be free in this world to live the life you always wanted to have. You are the only one who has the power to choose what you reflect in front of the world.

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  1. This helped me and I didn't even know I would need the help.