From Month to Month: A Playlist

By Esther Vdb

♪ Nine-La Dispute

'And I remember in a basement sharing sweat 
with all these stranger boys and girls
"we'll change the world" we sang'

♪ Never Saw It Coming-Tigers Jaw

'I learned a lot about falling in love when I fell out of love'

♪ Nobody, Not Even The Rain-La Dispute 

'Our hearts still beat the same'

♪ Love Your Friends, Die Laughing-Man Overboard

'I left my feelings with my wallet and my keys'

♪ December-Neck Deep

'Pain is never permanent but tonight it's killing me'

♪ Pothole-Modern Baseball

'That's why I need the silence
I need the empty streets
Just as bad as they don't need me'

♪ Fake Your Death-My Chemical Romance

'So fake your death
Or it's your blame
And leave the lights on
When you stay'

♪ So Nice So Smart-Kimya Dawson 

'Give it time and you'll be fine'

♪ If I Tremble-Front Porch Step

'And if I tremble at the sight of you, it's not because I'm cold
It's because I'm staring at the girl I want to love me when I'm old'

♪ Soco Amaretto Lime-Brand New

'Tonight will go on forever while we
walk around this town like we own the streets'

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