Looking Back

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

   Walking into freshman year in 2014, I was ecstatic. I had all my friends from grade school with me, I was finally considered a big kid, and I would finally be taken seriously. Throughout my freshman year, I had the time of my life. I had formed friendships with all different types of people, my grades were great, I had an amazing time in all of the extracurriculars I did, and I loved everything about school.
I hated summer and couldn’t wait to go back this year for sophomore year. However, this all changed a few months in. 
   Starting out this year, I had my same friends. I made some new ones, and I had a part in the school musical. I went on vacation and had a pretty decent first half of the year. I take chemistry, which I hate, and am hated by the teacher. I’m in all honors classes, which is harder than expected. I have been trying to keep up all year, while balancing my social life and extracurriculars. I have been growing apart from my friends and I’m constantly left out, but I hardly make an effort anyway. I have been getting sadder and lonelier and I really have no clue what to do anymore. 

   During our winter musical, I grew way too stressed and since then, I don’t think I’ve been the same. I’ve constantly been trying to change so that people would like me better. It’s so pathetic and I understand that now. I’ve been saying for the past few months that I hate school and cannot wait to graduate, and so many people disagree. I’ve even thought of transferring. Overall, this year wasn’t the best. One of the best teachers is leaving, and I just don’t know how next year will be. I’m hoping it’ll be better, but we’ll see what happens.

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