Olivia's Editor Letter: June 2016

Hello, Lithium family!

   Another month has gone by, and I am ridiculously proud to be releasing the reflection issue tonight. Our team has put so much work into creating beautiful content. Some of my favorite pieces include Naomi Cordova's rose petal blush DIY, Rawan's piece on growing up, Sam Schruab's moving short story on body image, and Ella Miller's photography set. As always, I am awed by the endless amount of gifted youth that continue to create exciting, thought-provoking material. The thing about Lithium that never fails to amaze me is that we create a discussion- a dialogue. We have teens from all over the world who utilize the Lithium space and its team as a way to discuss anything from political matters to counter-culture. 
   In other news: as co-editors, Lexi and I have put a ton of effort into transferring our entire site to a different host this month. It's been strenuous, but the new website really reflects (pun intended) Lithium's feel. You can now comment on posts, view different issues at a time, and....(drum roll) BUY OUR SHIRTS! They're on our Shop tab. I am so excited to keep watching Lithium grow. As summer quickly approaches, I anticipate the time our contributors will have to flourish and create. I cannot wait to pour all of my energy into making the magazine succeed. Love you guys. 

Olivia Ferrucci


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  2. the new website format definitely well-suits lithium!