REFLECTION: An Interview With Cristian Oliveras

With a near 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, Cristian Oliveras is most commonly known for his exuberant persona on YouNow. His wild sense of humor and kind outlook have garnered a vast audience, especially in recent times. Our editor in-chief Olivia Ferrucci asked Cristian a few questions reflecting upon his career and where he will go from here.

Lithium: How has social media affected your aspirations and perception of the Internet in general? Would you say its been for the better or worse, overall?
Cristian: Taking on social media has given me a glimpse of what it is like to be in the spotlight, increasing my aspirations to dive into the entertainment world. However, with that comes the thousands of hateful comments I now experience on the internet on my end which definitely brings to reality the other not-so-pleasant side of social media. Overall, its been a pleasant and exciting experience.  

Lithium: As of yet, what have you enjoyed most about having an audience to connect with? 
Cristian: It would definitely be seeing those who support me recreate my look and watch them laugh as they try on my character. It always brings a smile to my face seeing the happiness and free spirit of those who enjoy my content.

Lithium: YouNow is relatively new in the grand scheme of online media. Where do you think it will go from here? How do you see yourself fitting into that?
Cristian: YouNow is branching out each and every day building a community with talented people all over the world from all fields and will continue to grow. I truly see it becoming a powerhouse in the social media and entertainment industries with its ability to offer a raw connection between the broadcaster and their supporters. I see myself as a comedian/character broadcasting alongside other influences continuing to grow together. 

Lithium: How did the towel on your head trend begin? How do fans react to it and what has made you continue to do it?
Cristian: It honestly began so randomly. I got out the shower and dried my hair, but for some reason twirled the towel and the look was created. I thought it looked funny so I went live with it and people enjoyed the weird look immediately. The response I get is usually a puzzled look and lots of crying-laughing emojis. It's silly and fun, and making people laugh is something I'm not willing to let go of.

Lithium: Are you excited for Vidcon? What are you most looking forward to at Vidcon?
Cristian: Oh, yes! I have a countdown for it already as a matter of fact. I cant wait to experience the craziness and to meet all of my supporters as well as the people I look up to in the social media world. 

Lithium: How has social media/YouNow affected your relationship with yourself and others in real life?
Cristian: Social media has definitely increased my paranoia. Relationships are now complicated, as all of my business is out there for everyone to see. Then, the constant questioning of whether the person I am befriending is using me or just there to expose me is overwhelming. On a positive note, though, I have built a confidence in myself and acceptance for who I am.

Lithium: Since you became 'big' on social media, what's the best opportunity you've had?
Cristian: I would have to say PlayList Live Orlando. Its a social media convention and I had the privilege to connect and network with other content creators as well as put faces to those who watch me for the first time and interact with them.

Lithium: Current favorite social media trend?
Cristian: The Snapchat dog filter trend for sure. For some reason, it just makes everyone look so cute and adorable. I love it!

Lithium: Favorite moment of 2015- go!
Cristian: Fifty Shades of Grey! I watched it in theaters three times.

Lithium: Define what social media means to you.
Cristian: Besides social media being an outlet for my goals and aspirations, it means being able to provide people happiness and an escape from reality. It means being able to inspire people to be themselves from just a single post on Instagram or YouNow. It truly means the world to me and I am so thankful to get to do what I am passionate about and build a community with my supporters. Social media is my second family.

Cristian is represented by Barrett Shepherd of Quovis.


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    1. Please keep comments of hatred to yourself if you dont like kim then just dont search him or watch him

  2. Ashutosh KushwahaJune 7, 2017 at 2:26 AM

    The most hated guy in this universe. He is just another AHole

  3. he needs to break out in comedy the next jim carrey or wayans brothers he has a beautiful mind to go with his beautiful face.. ive been a fan since day one..