Rose Petal Blush DIY

By Naomi Cordova

After being consumed by melancholy for a while due to not being able to afford the Ladurée rose petal blush, I decided to make my own version of it. This DIY doesn't cost nearly as much- you can get all of the materials from Target, CVS, etc!

What You'll Need


  • Faux rose petals (preferably white) can be found here
  • Glass container (can be anything from an empty makeup compact to a used candle holder)
  • Popsicle stick
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Any blush/pink eyeshadow (you can even mix in a little powder highlighter so it gives you that ~extra glow~) ! Here is one that I like.
  • Perfume or scented oil (this isn't necessary, but is recommended if you want your blush to smell like actual roses!)
  • Clean makeup brush
  • Paper or paper towels
  • A different container to store the petals in when you've used them (I just used a cute soap box)


1. Clean the petals using soap and water. Remember: these are indirectly going to be rubbing on your face. Wash them for a good ten seconds and let them dry.
2. Pour the blush into the mixing  dish. TIP: it's so much easier if the blush is already cracked.
3. After crushing the blush into the container, carefully pour a small amount of the alcohol in.
4. Crush and mix it with the blush using your makeup brush or popsicle stick. You want it to have a liquid texture, but not TOO much. The thicker it is, the thicker it'll be on the petal and vice versa.
5. Add a drop of the scented oil of your choice in (or spray a bit of perfume).
6. Lay paper/paper towels down onto the surface you're using, ideally a table.
7. Paint a petal with the blush from front to back.


8. Repeat the process twice per petal, and don't forget to press them with the paper towel to remove the excess alcohol and compress the powder. If they look a little patchy, go over them once again.
9. Wait for them to dry, and put them in your container (not the one you used for mixing, the pretty one) and you're done!


Overall, this is SUCH a fun and useful product. It can even be given as a personalized gift for a loved one! It isn't that messy to make and is definitely worth the cost. I’ve made about five batches of these and they've lasted me months on end, so 10/10. If you love makeup and want to do something fun with friends or by yourself, here you go! It takes about twenty minutes altogether. It depends on the kind of blush you use as a base, but this blush always gives off a really light and naturally flushed look.

Of course, here are a few looks in which I used the heavenly petal blush. Honestly, I thought none of the product would actually show on my face, but look at the rosiness! Even though I tend to blush very frequently, it's always good to play around with makeup and use your face as a canvas!

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