The Self-Proclaimed Choice of Racial Acceptance

I came across an image online that read, "You were brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty." Though to some that may be true, I feel we should know better than to be comfortable with that statement.
Accepting such ‘general fact’ is indirectly appropriating racial discrimination, in my opinion. I feel people abuse what is known to us, twisting it so as to give excuses like, "Well, I grew up brainwashed into thinking so and so's race is greater than others, hence, it isn't my fault if I grow up being discriminative towards certain races.

I now speak from a fifteen year-old's point of view: We have not been brainwashed into anything; racial acceptance is a self-proclaimed choice.

The way we view and behave towards someone of a different race from ourselves is a self-made decision that no one else but our own mind and body can be liable for. Our outward response is an inward reflection of our true being. Being a teen, I have witnessed many instances of youth being oppressed by racism. I feel that as a growing, mature community in this evolved age, we hold the responsibility of embracing each other so as to create a safer and more welcoming society for us, as a whole humanity, to develop in loving togetherness.

It's 2016. We are our own beings. As far as I am aware, most of us have full control over our own thinking and have found freedom in our different personal interests. Why not we liberate those who are still enclosed due to the rising rates of racial prejudice by accepting others for who they are? Reflect.

Text and Visuals by Tamara Tan

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