4 A.M. Theme Songs

By Faith Sumastre

   I don't know about you, but for the majority of the summer, I like staying up until 4 A.M. catching up on all of my TV shows because there's no other time I can during the school year. Here's a playlist of the songs from my favourite TV shows (and a description of the show, if you would like to start something new!)

Jane / Jefferson Starship
Show: Wet Hot American Summer
Description: WHAS is a TV show (and a movie!) that revolves around a summer camp — Camp Firewood. It's mainly about the camp counsellors and their erratic lives. It's hilarious, satirical, and adorably awkward in the best way possible. It's a follow up to the movie, a cult classic, which I recommend watching beforehand. Set in 1981, this show is delightful, whimsical, ridiculously funny and will please the imaginative inner child in you.

The Luck You Got / The High Strung
Show: Shameless
Description: Shameless is about a broke family barely getting by. The family's eldest, Fiona Gallagher, looks after her four younger siblings, Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, and Liam with two low-income jobs. Their alcoholic dad never bothers to care about his kids, often mooching off of others for money on the streets. This show has plot twists left and right. It has jovial moments, but horrible, heart-aching ones too. It's dramatic, vulgar, wild, and crass. If you're going to watch this show, you should be prepared to cry, laugh, and be speechless. Most importantly, be prepared for a wild ride.

Cosy in the Rocket / Psapp
Show: Grey's Anatomy
Description: I'll genuinely be surprised if you haven't heard of Grey's Anatomy. It's such a successful show and so well-known that probably half of Lithium readers watch it, have watched it, or have heard of it. On Grey's Anatomy, you get to witness a group of doctors do their job, make mistakes, learn, fall in love, and struggle with heartbreak. It's dramatic, romantic, emotional, doleful, full of life lessons and makes you appreciate the relationships you have with others. I'd say that this show would make you both equally laugh and cry, but that would be a lie. You'll cry after almost every episode.

Greenback Boogie / Ima Robot
Show: Suits
Description: This show is about a man named Michael Ross, who possesses photographic memory, and another named Harvey Specter, a spectacular lawyer. Ross bumps into Harvey as he tries to escape the police chasing after him during a drug deal. At the time, Harvey was interviewing young lawyers to work at his firm. With Ross' impeccable photographic memory, he lands a job, but is living a lie as a lawyer without a law degree throughout every season. This show is dramatic, funny, sophisticated and clever. Prepare yourself for an abundance of backstabbing.

Hey Beautiful / The Solids
Show: How I Met Your Mother
Description: This show consists of flashbacks from Ted Mosby's life. Throughout nine seasons, Ted tells his children about his life before them; his life in New York City with his best friends, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. This show is light-hearted, funny, teaches imperative life lessons, and reminds you that there is no stronger bond than those with friends. It's chaotic, sweet, humourous, hopeful, and a classic.

Parks and Recreation Theme / Gaby Moreno
Show: Parks and Recreation
Description: You're either a Parks and Recreation fan or an Office fan. It's rare to ever be in between. Parks and Rec is hilarious, adorable, pleasant, and simultaneously motivating. The unique characters will pull you in. You'll fall in love, want to roll them in bubble wrap and protect them from the world. The main characters work in the Parks and Recreation department for the government in Pawnee, Indiana. This show makes you giggly, hopeful and the main character, Leslie Knope, is an admirable, determine, and dedicated feminist. You can't help but want to give every single character a warm hug. Even Jerry.

In The Street / Big Star
Show: That 70's Show
Description: Despite being filmed in the late 90's and early 2000's, this show depicts the 70's in the best way possible. The six main characters are charismatic and real. You're bound to fall in love with one of them. It's a fun show to watch in your spare time when you're in a slump. Every episode will have you laughing and it's a legendary American sitcom.

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