A Closer Look at Golden Days by Panic! At the Disco

By Danielle Chelosky
This song starts off as a lively party song about a series of good memories Urie has stored in his mind. Simultaneously, the lyrics explain his appreciation of these great moments from the past. Urie describes looking at old pictures as “sexy, sexy looking back,” and it becomes clear that this song is a cool, peppy anthem reminiscing on crazy drunk nights.

Then, it leads to a rather dark place. The music slows down. His vocals are almost soft whispers when he says, “Oh, don’t you wonder when the light begins to fade? And the clock just makes the colors turn to grey", and without even thinking about it, you can tell the song just went in a completely opposite direction. Don’t you wonder when the new memories start to not feel as good as the old ones? Will it be when time keeps passing and we continue ageing and we become simply too old to experience colorful, vibrant memories anymore? “All the memories that we make will never change, we’ll stay drunk, we’ll stay tan, let the love remain, and I swear that I’ll always paint you golden days…” All the memories we have will maintain their beauty and we’ll make more by staying young and passionate. I’ll make sure we still have memorable moments. Golden days. At this point, the music has returned to being upbeat–it’s optimistic and desirous for the bright future ahead.
“Time can never break your heart, but it’ll take the pain away,” time can’t hurt us, it can only heal us. As time continues, we may have painful nostalgia growing in us, but our peaceful reminiscing thoughts will overpower any negativity we feel about the past. “Right now our future’s certain, I won’t let it fade away,” our future of adventure, wildness, and passion will continue, and I’ll never let it even begin to disappear.
We can be afraid of what the future holds, but the future depends on you. Will you let the clock turn colors grey? Or will you paint golden days?

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