A Day's Escape

By Rawan Olma
Displaying 2016-07-09 11.29.41 4.jpgDisplaying 2016-07-09 11.29.41 4.jpg
Displaying 2016-07-09 11.29.41 4.jpg
Our minds grow heavy with all the unanswered why’s of youth
Lips quivering with words daring to pour out
Winter’s cold grip had never truly left this gray town
It lingered within the sleepless nights buried behind the hollows of my eyes
It was in the blaring headlines broadcasting another senseless death

It was the poison underneath the honey our lips spewed everyday
It was the ticking time bombs residing inside puzzle piece people who wished their lives away within the comfort of their own same mundane routines
So with eyes that glisten with elated daydreams,
And hearts that yearn for adventure
We’ll escape this gray world of apathy and gluttony
And start anew
Even if it’s just for a day
We’ll drive aimlessly with no destination
With euphoria pumping in our veins
Longing glances and last chances
The warmth of the sunshine kissing our skin as the shadows adorn our bodies
We’ll become the cliches we once mocked
And yet somehow it’ll be all okay
We’ll marvel at the calm stillness of the earth as the sun dips into the sea
Melting away into brilliant shades of oranges and bold reds
We would be wild,ceaseless-
We’ll grow gardens in the corpses we saw in mirrors
As the tragic histories blossom into happy endings
And in that moment we’ll realize that we weren’t part of something bigger
But we were something bigger
We weren’t the stars or the moon
We were the whole damn sky.

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