All the King's Horses

By Dvita Kapadia

“Why can I never go back to bed?
Whose is the voice ringing in my head?
Where is the sense in these desperate dreams?
Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?” -Emilie Autumn

Do you remember
the taste of my lips
that first kiss behind
the school dumpster?

Do you remember
climbing the city wall,
letting secrets fall,
never to be put back together again?

Do you remember
the brush of my lips
painting butterflies
on the scars across your skin?

Do you remember
your tongue twisting
as you spat words of hatred,
eyes burning with anger-filled pride?

Do you remember
the scratches on
my face, punching the wall
in a jealous rage?

Do you remember
waking at midnight
I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry
Do you still love me?

Do you remember
the bruises ‘round my eyes
that night you decided
I was a cheating fool?

Do you remember
the manic laugh
I cried after that
fight in the dining room?

Do you remember
sitting in the bathroom
high on insanity,
red hand against red cheek?

Do you remember
shrieking into the night
wailing to me to
come home, please?

Do you remember
finding me hiding
behind the dumpster,
our second first kiss?

Do you remember
watching me walk away
rivers eroding into red cheeks
never to come back again?

Do you remember
me falling into our bed
I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,
Do you still love me?

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