Brittany Ashley: Queerness, Comedy, and Her Beloved Grandma

Most well-known for her previous work with Buzzfeed, comedian & social media icon Brittany Ashley spreads hard hitting values of acceptance and morality on an array of platforms. Editor-in-chief Olivia Ferrucci asked Ashley about being a comedian and being America's lesbian sweetheart, among other things.

Lithium: You definitely serve as a role model to many young queer women. What would be your advice to young girls trying to understand their sexualities?
Brittany: I would say that there is going to be a lot of trial and error. You’ll fall in love with a straight girl. You’ll break a good dude’s heart without even realizing it. You’ll confuse drama for passion. It’s all completely necessary to help you figure out what you want, who you’re attracted to, and what makes you happy and healthy. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Lithium: How does it feel to be America's lesbian sweetheart?
Brittany: Warm.

Lithium: How has having an audience changed the way you perceive the world around you?
Brittany: It’s a Catch 22 because on the one hand, it’s incredible that you can make an impact just existing as an openly queer person that does creative stuff so young people look to you to have answers that they’ve yet to find. On the other hand, you often don’t have the answers yourself.

Lithium: What role does comedy continuously have in your life? 
Brittany: I realized at a pretty young age that if you can make people laugh, you’re golden. I made my family laugh during the holidays by saying really weird, adult things when I was a kid. I made friends in junior high by quoting Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber. And in college when I was continuously heartbroken, it was a way I could express my hurt without coming off dramatic or needy. If you’re funny and not a piece of shit, people find you really accessible and want to be around you.

Lithium: Who do you quote as your biggest inspirations in life?
Brittany: Cheryl Strayed, Sarah Silverman, and Jeffrey McDaniel. Oh, and Buffy Summers.

Lithium: Have people treated you differently since you rose to social media fame?
Brittany: My grandma texts me way more often now to ask if I’m okay.

Lithium: What would your advice to young women be in overcoming their own struggles to find happiness?
Brittany: As my grandma tells me, “Take care of yourself first.” And be a good friend, that’ll never fail at making you happy.

Lithium: You're definitely going through a period of change in your life right now- what ventures are you looking to pursue now? 
Brittany: Playing with more dogs. Writing longer, better, more personal content. Texting my grandma back.

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