Feminism, Vine, and Friends with Chloe Woodard

Chloe Woodard is a Viner and comedian based in Chicago. With 500 million views on Vine alone, her online presence is ever-increasing with no signs of slowing. Our editor-in-chief Olivia Ferrucci discussed everything from online platforms to feminism with Chloe.

Lithium: What does the phrase 'golden days' mean to you?
Chloe: To me, it refers to the best years of someone's life.  They don't necessarily have to be the happiest, or the easiest, but they're the years that one looks back on most fondly because that's when they grew and changed the most.

Lithium: You've amassed over half a million followers on Vine alone. Does such a vast online prevalence affect your everyday life and choices?
Chloe: My life on social media hasn't affected my everyday life as much as I thought it would, but it does still have an effect.  When I go out, I have to be prepared to be recognized and I am always thinking about new ideas for Vines and videos.

Lithium: What is your favorite type of Vine to make?
Chloe: My favorite type of Vine to make is actually the ones on my spam account, where I group together videos of my friends and put them to nice songs. It's easy to do and it's nice to see a 6-second loop of a fun night out with my friends, since it has so many good memories attached to it.

Lithium: How do you see Vine expanding in the future? Will it continue to be your primary platform?
Chloe: Vine's new long-form video feature is a huge expansion, and I think it will draw in a lot more users -both fans and creators.  It will continue to be my primary platform, since my biggest following is on Vine!

Lithium: How was Camp Unplug? Did working with the cast create new friendships, or did you already know them?
Chloe: Camp Unplug was FANTASTIC!  I had never worked on something like that before, so the new experience was absolutely amazing.  Working with the cast did create new friendships since I didn't know a lot of these creators beforehand.  Everyone involved was from different parts of the country, so I was never able to meet any of them in person.  After Camp Unplug and VidCon, I gained a lot of new friendships that I'm really thankful for.

Lithium: Do you notice any disconnect between your Internet persona and your real life personality?
Chloe: No, there's really no difference between my internet persona and my persona in real life.  I'm just as loud in person!

Lithium: Name five Vines that have made you laugh!

Lithium: How do you plan to find your own golden days in the future (particularly throughout this summer)?
Chloe: I think that my golden days have already started.  After having some of the best experiences of my life at VidCon and Camp Unplug, and finding a really amazing group of friends at home, I've been thinking a lot about the future and how these are the days I will tell my kids about. I plan to spend as much time with my friends as I can because I love them all so much, and continue to do things that make us happy!

Lithium: You've made a point of discussing feminism, particularly on Instagram. How do you feel about the sudden controversy over the topic as a whole?
Chloe: I'm truly disappointed that there is controversy over feminism. It is the belief that everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, class, etc., should be seen and treated equally both socially and in the eyes of the law.  People who claim feminism is man-hating or not needed in America don't realize that saying those things only promotes the necessity of feminism. I think a lot of controversy comes from the extremists who do awful things (like spread man-hate). If one does not support equality, they are not a feminist, simple as that. I had a lot of people commenting that feminism and egalitarianism are two separate things, but they're not.  Those who reject the label of 'feminist' simply because it has 'fem-' in it just further prove the necessity of feminism. Finally, I think that a lot of feminists don't know how to approach a situation in which others are aggressive towards the cause. Oftentimes, people just don't know what feminism's core values are, and it is our job to educate them politely, not to fight or insult them! This is extremely important! 

Lithium: What would your advice to young women be in overcoming their own struggles to find happiness?
Chloe: My advice to any young woman is to be the person you want to be. Allow yourself to change and grow and, as hard as it might be, don't let what other people might think of you affect the way you think of yourself. This is something that took me almost 17 years to be capable of doing, and it's still not easy, especially since I have such a large audience watching what I do. Finding happiness is really about loving yourself. You can't be the person you want if you're restricting yourself based on other people's standards. Do the things that make you happy and be with the people that make you happy - long-lasting happiness will follow!

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  1. Such a well-composed young lady. I can't wait to see her grow in and outside of her platforms!