Get Woke: Bring Out the Golden Days Together

   What does it really mean to be safe these days? Does being armed with a gun mean our safety is ensured? Are police officers really equivalent to safety? Would putting people of a different skin color, a different religion, or someone who defies the gender binary system into prison, or even to death, equal safety these days? As sad as it is, a majority of the people of this world believe in these manifestations.

Gun violence and bombing is happening all over the world, yet the media fails to cover the tragedies happening in countries like Turkey, Baghdad, and Iraq. This proves that ISIS may not be in any way afflicted to the Muslim community and yet there are still people who refuse to believe such. Over and over, innocent black people are being killed by police officers who are actually being paid to 'protect the people'. In return, this leaves the rest of the black community to question, “How many more lives must we lose for us to matter?” —an excerpt from Zendaya's powerful tweet on her Twitter account. Rape culture is also an issue in this world as victims continue to lack the justice they deserve. Even worse, people still think of it as some laughing matter. Transgender individuals have also been victims of gun violence, such as the major incident in Ohio. 

   Today, this world is facing the complete opposite of golden days. Every day, we see oppression. We see racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, poverty, corruption, global warming, etc., all to the highest extent. Frankly, I could go on forever talking about all the dark sides of this world, but here I present just a few. Although minorities try to speak up, they are often silenced by their oppressors once again. Let us take a look at this very accurate post on Tumblr which we can really relate to:

   Due to recent news of black people being victims of police violence, the time is now for us to realize how endangered these individuals are in these times. As of July 9th, 2016, Alva Braziel was the 187th black person killed by the police this year, given that today is the 192nd day of the year (Source: Imagine. 

Let's take a look at the multiple reasons why you're in the odds of losing your life if you happen to be a Black person in America:

   I am a nbpoc (non-black person of color), but I choose to stand with black people. It doesn't really matter if you are non-black in making the choice to support the black community. Remember, silence means neutrality, and neutrality doesn't make you any less than the oppressors. The ignorance carried by the term (and all of its other synonyms) 'all lives matter' directly defines one as anti-black, for it silences the movement- the fight for black people to gain justice in order for their lives to matter. Nobody goes to the doctor with a broken arm only for the doctor to say, "All bones matter!" It's not too late to change yet. Let's all say it together: Black lives matter. And most importantly, let's all bring that very powerful statement into action. 

Note: To all the black people reading this, it is very important for me that you all point out to me when I have crossed the line on any of my statements in this article. Thank you. 

Text by Iya Perez & Visual by Angela Macias

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