Glory Days

What do you think of when you hear the words “golden days”?
Do you think of happy times, a better place, or that Panic! at the Disco song?
Everyone thinks of something good, at least, when they think of golden days.

These types of days are something good, a fond memory to look back on. I may only be fifteen, but I have a few that I look back on.

Perhaps that time my best friend and I got totally lost in Disney World, or when I nearly drove her golf cart into a ditch the first time I was at her house.
Sixth grade was an…interesting year with her around.

Maybe it was when I was dating for the first time. They were certainly someone I could always count on,
and we still keep in touch.

Our good days may vary, but they're still our fantastic memories.
No matter what, we’ll always look back at them fondly.
Text by Elijah Collins
Visual by Esther Vdb

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