Golden Days: An Editor's Note by Olivia Ferrucci

Hello, readers!

   Once again, the Lithium community has designed a set of attributes and ideals that fit our theme. Summer should be a time of effortless happiness, glory days and plenty of laughter.

   In light of the recent events regarding the continuous acts of police brutality towards black individuals, our team has included pieces discussing the unfairness in the fact that many people never receive the chance to live out their own golden days. I am endlessly proud of all contributors for analyzing the concept of happiness, but most of all for the way they channel their work into beautiful art that is both articulate and empathetic. I cannot wait for you to scan each article and photoset, each poem and painting as you uncover the beauty of joy. It is in my hopes that you will find your OWN golden days this summer, with the help of Lithium's July issue. Check it out!

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