Jake Johnston on Music and Modeling

Jake Johnston, a comedy Viner and model, has amassed over 31 million loops of his videos. His charming, self-aware persona combined with a unique sense of humor create Johnston's overall online image. Editor-in-chief Olivia Ferrucci discussed modeling, music, and more with Jake Johnston.

Lithium: What does the phrase 'golden days' mean to you?
Jake: It's just another way of saying 'the good days'. Aside from that, I also feel like it's when things are fresh and new. Right now, I think we are in the golden days of social media- everything is happening right now before our eyes. Just like we all look back on our childhoods and think of them being 'the golden days' where everything was new and nothing could go wrong, we will look back on this era of social media and think of it in the same way. 

Lithium: As your online presence continues to grow, how do you plan to utilize your platform?
Jake: I will continue to be myself and use my creativity and imagination to create fresher content. Also, I will continue to branch out and interact with my audience on many other platforms. 

Lithium: Who are five people who never fail to make you happy?
Jake: My parents, my siblings, and so many amazing friends I have met through the internet- I can't pick just 5. Oh, and most importantly, Kanye West and Chance the Rapper.

Lithium: You've done plenty of modeling work- How has this opened doors for you, and do you plan to continue?
Jake: Modeling helped me break out of my shell a little more. I was always pretty comfortable with who I was, but when I started to do photo shoots in Manhattan in the middle of the summer with people passing by, I began to feel a lot more comfortable with the attention and felt more confident in front of a camera. 

Lithium: Overall, you possess a very positive persona within social media. Does this personality carry through in your real life?
Jake: My online persona is very true to who I am. I like to have fun and laugh at everything. 

Lithium: How do you plan to find your own golden days in the future (particularly throughout this summer)?
Jake: I plan on trying new things, hanging out with new and old friends, and just enjoying myself. But most importantly, I want to live every day like it's my last day. I ask myself every day, "Is what I am doing today something I would be happy doing if it was my last?"

Lithium: You recently graduated high school- congrats! Do you feel that this is the beginning to a happier era of your life?
Jake: I do believe my graduation marks a new era of happiness. I had my fun in my hometown and in high school, but I'm ready and excited for whatever the real world has in store for me. 

Lithium: Throughout your social media, it's clear that you're very passionate about music. What are a few songs that you listen to when you're on top of the world?
Jake: The world is yours - Nas,  Pusha Man- Chance the Rapper,  Otis- Jay Z and Kanye west, Touch the Sky- Kanye West, and Pour It Up- Rihanna 

Lithium: Can we expect another short film with Dana?
Jake: Yes.

Lithium: What would your advice to young adults be in overcoming their own struggles to find happiness?
Jake: BE YOURSELF. Seriously, it has helped me so much. Conforming and trying to be someone you're not just to fit in is not worth it. Also, don't take everything seriously. LAUGH, laugh at everything.   

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