Music Review Carrie: The Musical


By Marisol Medina

Carrie, the classic 1976 horror film and Stephen King novel, has been turned Broadway as a haunting show. This musical covers the golden yet twisted days of high school. It mostly takes place from the perspective of Carrie White, a girl who is relentlessly bullied by her classmates and is also tormented and sheltered from the realities of life by her overly religious mother, Margaret White. The only person who seems to actually care about her is her physical education teacher, Ms. Gardener, who comforts her after she is attacked by the female students in the locker room. Sue Snell seems to care because after the incident in the locker room. She attempts to apologize, but is pushed away by a hurt Carrie. Later, when Carrie heads home after the long day, she confronts her mother about the incident but does not receive consolation. This is when the production begins to takes a dark turn. Carrie learns she has a power that, though she doesn’t realize at the time, can assist her in seeking revenge on her fellow students. Although this is unrealistic for the real world, it conveys the wise message of 'be careful who you call ugly in high school'. In the play, prom is coming up. Carrie is asked by Tommy Ross, whom she is interested in romantically. What she doesn’t realize is that Sue, Tommy’s girlfriend, has asked him to bring Carrie to prom instead of her to make Carrie happy. This gesture obviously lifts Carrie’s spirits since she has assumed everyone hates her, despite the fact that it wasn’t a gesture of true romance. Chris Hargensen, the main instigator of the harassment of Carrie, wants to ruin her night and get revenge on her even though Carrie has done nothing to bother Chris besides be herself. Even so, Chris proceeds with her plan, which is to rig the votes so that Carrie and Tommy win prom queen and king in order to get her in the right spot to dump pig’s blood on her. Right after Carrie receives her crown and is happier than ever, the blood is dumped and she is not only humiliated, but her beautiful dress is ruined. Carrie is shocked and her shock turns to rage and she lashes out, killing everyone at prom but Sue. She then stumbles home, mortified with what she’s done, to have none other but her mother stab her by surprise while they embrace. Carrie then lashes out for the last time and kills her mother. There she sits, alone, terrified of what she has become. Sue shows up at Carrie's home to ask how prom went, but finds Carrie dying and proceeds to comfort her until death.
If a musical with an intense and phenomenal soundtrack featuring rock influences seems appealing, Carrie: The Musical is an amazing choice. Its opening song “In”, my personal favorite, starts off with an intricate guitar riff that really sets the mood and general vibe for this play. I recommend this musical to any theater fans, but especially fans of the musical Heathers. They share many similarities that make it likable to that crowd. Songs I recommend would be “In”, “Carrie”, “The World According To Chris”, “And Eve Was Weak”, “Dreamer In Disguise”, “Do Me A Favor”, “A Night We’ll Never Forget”, “Prom Climax”, “The Destruction”, and finally, “Epilogue”. Overall, Carrie: The Musical is a musical I truly enjoy and would highly recommend.

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