Nyla Lueeth on Summertime and Social Justice

Nyla Lueeth, most widely known by her Instagram handle @purp.alpaca, has amassed over 200,000 followers on a single platform in recent times. Nyla's core beliefs of celebrating each others' differences and fighting systematic oppression have only further developed her community. Editor-in-chief Olivia Ferrucci talked about everything from summertime to social justice with Nyla for our golden days issue!

Lithium: What does the term 'golden days' mean to you?
Nyla: Golden days translate to me as a very memorable time in your life in which you felt significantly happy and content with who you were and your surroundings. 

Lithium: The beginning of summer is a time so commonly associated with happiness- However, you've definitely made a point of addressing the horrific acts of violence occurring across the world. What changes do you think are needed to change the issues of violence & terrorism on a global scale?
Nyla: Lately, most of the issues concerning violence and terrorism have been related to the use of guns. Judicially, laws must be implemented to protect the public from attacks by restricting the accessibility of guns. People who have committed crimes must face justice and be accountable for their actions. 

Lithium: What do you strive to achieve in utilizing your platform as a means to reach a large audience?
Nyla: I would like to utilize my platform to achieve my goals in influencing people. I want to influence people in embracing individuality and to be comfortable in your own skin. 

Lithium: Throughout your life, have you found that happiness typically originates from spending time with other people or oneself?
Nyla: I find that it originates from spending time with yourself. It is always important to invest time in finding things that make you truly happy before seeking that In others. 

Lithium: When do you feel happiest with life?
Nyla: I find that I am happiest when I am expressing myself unapologetically and using that to influence others. 

Lithium: How do you plan to find your own golden days in the future (particularly during this summer)?
Nyla: This summer, I will be living my golden days by actively focusing on reaching my goals such as working on the foundation Tendaji with my friend, Yar, by building a school and a connection with the future students of the area. In addition, travelling with my friends to America is something I have always dreamed of doing. 

Lithium: Recently, you created an organization called Tendaji along with your friend, Yar, designed to empower women. How do you think young females will imminently flourish in receiving the education they deserve?
Nyla: Knowledge is power, and by giving these girls the education they deserve, they will flourish in unimaginable ways and have a huge impact in the world. Each female holds so much potential. We both believe that simply giving someone education is giving them a voice as well. They have the power to change the world and achieve so many things.

Lithium: What has been your biggest struggle in achieving happiness (with yourself or with life)? Have you succeeded in doing so?
Nyla: My biggest struggle in achieving inner happiness was the constant act of being self-conscious and being afraid to stand out from others- being different was not something that I ever wanted to embrace. I overcame that by accepting the things that made me different, and using them to build me rather then break me.

Lithium: What would your advice to teenage girls be in overcoming their own struggles to find happiness?
Nyla: Happiness can only come from yourself. Recognize your worth and do not compromise for anything less. I believe simply knowing your worth and respecting that plants so much confidence in you. Also, invest time in yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. 

Lithium: What has been the best day of your life as of yet?
Nyla: That's a hard question. I have had many days that brought me a lot of happiness and shaped the person I am today. Many of these days have had to do with my faith in God, my friendships, and family. Some moments in particular that really stand out to me would be the conference I went to that focused mainly on identity. It has influenced me in so many ways, teaching me to be an individual and celebrate my differences. 

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  1. This interview is this first time I've ever heard of Nyla Lueeth, and I feel like I truly admire her ethic.