One Day

By Sam Schraub
We spent one golden day together
you and I
Bubbling salty seawater swept over my toes
burying them

I looked down
then up
to where you stood
You looked at me
You looked through me
You saw the storm clouds brewing in my eyes and met them with your own
The attraction was instantaneous
Your lips curved up into a small smile
welcoming me
enticing me
Your lips parted
You introduced yourself
I introduced myself
you cut our introduction short
You said let’s spend the day together
let’s make it the best day we possibly can
We spent one golden day together
licking icy popsicles that stained our mouths a mottled red, blue, and purple
attempting to fly a kite
building a sandcastle complete with shell sconces and tangled seaweed ornament
We spent one golden day together
Our popsicles melted, dribbling onto our hands before we could get to that last bite
Our kite never made it past lift-off
Our sandcastle crumbled as the foaming, ravaging waters swept it up and dissolved it
Your back turned toward mine
No goodbye
The sun dipped back into the sea its flaxen light terminating
The ocean now an inky black churning sea
Can I even call the day golden?

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