Quensadilla Talks Vine, Music, and Hoverboards

Quenlin Blackwell, most frequently known as Quensadilla on Vine, can often be found whipping her hair into guitars and sliding around on a hoverboard. Her kind, booming personality is evident in each of her platforms. Our editor-in-chief, Olivia Ferrucci, asked Quenlin about her success on Vine and her own aspirations.

Lithium: You've amassed over half a billion views of your videos. Does having such a large audience alter the content you choose to create?
Quenlin: Yes, I don't cuss or do anything extremely negative in my content solely because I want all audiences to enjoy what I create.

Lithium: Who are five people who never fail to make you happy?
Quenlin: Myself, my family (they're hilarious), my close friend, Emi, Matt Corby and his music, and my friend Samantha (she's been in a lot of my content).

Lithium: How do you see Vine expanding in the future? Will it continue to be your primary platform?
Quenlin: Vine is a gateway to the entertainment industry to me. I would like to expand to shows and further my music career- music is everything to me. Soon, I'll be expanding into YouTube.

Lithium: From running into walls with a hoverboard to slamming into guitars, you definitely risk plenty of wounds while filming your Vines. What's the worst injury you've endured in the process of making or filming a video?
Quenlin: Truthfully, only a bruise. I've never broken or sprained anything in my entire life.

Lithium: Do you notice any disconnect between your Internet persona and your real life personality?
Quenlin: I'm more mellow in real life. My persona online is like one thousand times how I normally act. 

Lithium: Name four Vines that have made you laugh!
Quenlin: "When she crosses the line" by Saige, "Young me doing the scary maze game HD" from Iconick, "ME AT CHICKFILA" by Andre af, and "IDK WHY THIS IS SO FUNNY TO ME" by Okay Stephan Pendleton.

Lithium: How do you plan to find your own golden days in the future (particularly throughout this summer)? 
Quenlin: I want to take my interests in music and fashion and constantly work on them until I am satisfied. I want the world to know my name from my clothing brand and my music.

Lithium: Okay, we NEED to know- what highlighter do you use?
Quenlin: YESSS!! Okay, it's the Becca Highlight in the shade 'Topaz'. 

Lithium: What would your advice to young women be in overcoming their own struggles to find happiness?
Quenlin: Trust in yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Stay true to who you are. Other peoples' opinions of you are just obstacles and tests to your character. Negative opinions are irrelevant and sad on the other person's part. The world loves you and you have to love yourself. I love you. Stay strong, stay humble, and live life to the fullest because it isn't forever.


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