Reality of a Fantasy

By Iya Perez

A gush of wild wind
Causes the doors
The windows to throw open.
There lies
In front of my eyes
The world outside

Of where my comfort sleeps
No, this is not what I imagined.
Where is the gleaming ball of light
That once set fire to my heart
And laced it with vibrancy?
Where are the lush greens
And the endless running
Of waters clearer than crystal
To fill our bodies with more life?
Where is the sound of people
And birds and angels harmonizing
Along with the beauty nature holds?
Where are the butterflies and flowers
And all the rest of those beautiful creations
Of which added up
To once upon a time
We knew were the golden days?
Or was it just simply,
A fragment of our very imagination?
Skies fumed with gray smoke
And the water as dull as mud
And the flies
They replace the butterflies
And the fires like those of hell
Became the center of this world
Where opposing, agonizing screams
Were filling the air instead
Where it turned out to be
Darker than the dark side of the moon.
These are all too foreign,
Too uncanny
For my eyes to take in.
Is it all just the same to you?
Now here was the dilemma:
Do I shut myself out of the world
Once more
And wrap myself around the comfort
From the isolation
Only knowing that the golden days may be over
And is actually only a fantasy
Our wild, wild mind has created
And that would only die
Along with the rest of humanity?
Or do I break myself out of my comfort,
Spend all my courage
And face the dying, rancid world
And run along with the people
Who demand for a better change?
Once upon a time
I was a child
Just as everyone else was
Who, too, dreamed of being a hero
And who, too, dreamed of the golden days
But this is not what I’ve envisioned
Floating in my head
So let me unleash that child
So let me be a hero
Even just in the simplest ways
So let this fantasy come to life
And this world,
Restore its life.

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