By Bridget Fitzpatrick
   Before Brendon Urie sings his song “Golden Days”, he makes a small speech about the song's meaning. He states that when he grows old, he wants to live on a private island, relaxing and enjoying all of the success he had. Some people say their glory days are now, that they’re living them. Others say they are soon to come. I personally believe your glory days aren’t one specific time, but a collection of small, beautiful things you have done over the course of your life. I know my glory days aren’t over- they’ve barely started. 
    The best times to me are sitting in the bathtub with your best friend, eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s. Running into the ocean at sunset with Converse on your feet. Buying a ton of fireworks with no intention to use them. Sitting late at night with your best friends and talking about life. Being the only sober one at a party, getting to recognize all your friends' drunk behavior. Discovering music that will stick with you all of your life. Holding someone’s hand, tight. Running through the rain. Living with no fear of life ending anytime soon. 
    The golden days that are coming are what no one will expect. We all have dreams of how we envision of our futures. Some of us think we’ll be doctors, lawyers, artists, or musicians. We all have aspirations and goals. Some will achieve them, while others will create new ones. Most people will have families. Others will go through hard times to survive, but will find their way through it. We’re going through a time in life where we’re told we are lucky to live in this generation, and yet innocent people are being killed. We are told we should be lucky to be alive now. We need to appreciate the days we have. Many have already lost that privilege. Some people are being scarred by the actions of others and their privilege. We should be able to be free and have fun, rather than worrying about life and death. People should be able to go to parties without the fear of being drugged and raped. When a rapist is convicted, they should get more than six months and their swimming records published.   
  People should be able to go celebrate at a nightclub without fear of being shot, without enduring the biggest mass shooting in American history. Artists should be able to do what they love without being shot and killed. A father should be able to make a living without being shot and killed for looking like a threat. When friends of mine have to hear their mothers tell their brothers that they need to be safe because of the color of their skin when they haven’t even graduated high school, it can only be described as heartbreaking. When individuals can’t even thrive in their teenage years due to fear of being killed due to their race, it is obvious that there is a problem in our world. We are supposed to be living in a great world, a great time in life. We need to make police brutality the primary subject of our media. There won’t be any more golden days if our people are being killed because of their race. We should be getting rid of racism, not fueling it.



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  1. Somehow, this article manages to skim various different topics while still remaining a cohesive piece. It's easy to take everyday glories for granted, and as pointed out in this article, not everyone gets their time to - in a phrase - embellish their days. It's sad.