Your Graduation & Suffocation

By Norma Leyva
Your Gradutation
All the talk is about your cap and gown,
The number of miles you'll face,
Meeting your gaze I can't do anything but look down,
Being together wasn't a journey but more of a race.

You should leave baby,
I know you'll meet someone who knows all your favorite songs, someone who hasn't done any wrong.
In the future we'll meet, maybe.
Truth is, I'm weak when you're around, I'll still think of you at sunrise with the morning dew.
I bet you'll find someone with hair that isn't brown, you always liked things that were new. 
I'm watching all the clocks,
I'm realizing what I'm witnessing is tempting.
You haven't called me once, and I'm kicking rocks.
To hold you, I'm tired of attempting. 
I can't wait to see you walk that stage.

I always felt like I shoved my feelings down your throat, that every sentence I molded with you in mind was just adding to the nonsense that I wrote.

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  1. i can relate to your graduation so much, wow