Heartbreak: The Danger in Staying Quiet


Photos by Quin Severo

Sublime & Focus

A meadow in summer
Between my head and my spine are roots and vines
Roll my neck back and see
A planet sighing into orbit serene
Cells in my fingertips fizz with the smell of it
That is how it was in the dream

Gathered in swaths of earthy clean sheets
Gravity caresses my edges and coaxes them green
Heat from the city doesn't hang in the breeze
So my eyelashes grow to rest on my cheeks
That's how I imagine it would be

Breath out, my knuckles and knees catch light that filters through trees
And wind plucks up lava to warm just me
Inherent and
Alive, alive, alive
Just for me
Just me
Alone and at peace
Just for me
Just me
I imagine this dream in highest esteem
Because all I wish to be is a passing breeze
Alone and at peace
Just for me
Just me.

She never lets the teapot shriek
Deals in threes and shades of easy green
Dawn to dusk she's swaddled in petals
And steeped in Renaissance scenes

She never feels her edges or her bones
Deals in wispy words, all she can heave   
Dawn and dusk she's praying for fog and mist to cover her up
Dawn to dusk she's dust to dust

Text and Visual by Sydney McMahon

A Semi-Forlorn Hope

By Iya Perez

The horrors of public speaking engulf me in their torturous shadows. The images of my childhood self coerced into speaking in front of the class still haunt me to this day. Being fifteen now, I feel really frustrated with just the idea of being pressured to solely stand in front of a sea of both familiar and unknown faces. How much more excruciating would it be if I’d have let my uneasy voice flow through their ears and for them to be processed in the minds of those people? It seems as if I’ve not learned how to grow out of this fear.

August: Downloadable Wallpapers

Because your phone background deserves to be this cute.

Quiet in Crisis

The worst thing a person can do in a time of crisis is not admit to the problem. While not all world issues may apply to every individual, each human being has an obligation to protect others. This does not mean talking over those in such situations, but standing by their side and ensuring that their message is heard. Silence will not make the issue go away, but being loud and obvious so everyone recognizes the problem will.

Text and Visual by Hannah Thompson


By Laura Oyuela

When and Where it Matters

By Elijah Collins

11:43 pm: The dull brightness on his phone kept him paying attention. He stared at the blinking blue line that urged him to keep writing.

12:16 am: Everyone had gone to sleep now, and the house was silent. He stood up out of bed and quietly paced, still staring at the blank screen. He wrote late at night because his brain worked better then.

Go Back to School in Style

By Amanda Gordon

You Cannot Mute Us.

A letter to the "people" in our society: 

If I am a pessimist, I am depressed. 
If I am an optimist, I am impractical. 
If I am a confident person, I am arrogant. 
If I support trends, I am too mainstream. 
If I am inspired by you, I am a follower. 
If I speak my mind, I am seeking attention. 
If I am myself, I am not good enough. 

Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

By Laura Oyuela

Calm Down

By Laura Oyuela

You Don't Need Words to be Heard

By Marina Shapiro

These songs have little to nothing in common except for the fact that they're all instrumental. If you're like me, any noise can speak to you, whether it be a guitar, waves crashing onto the shore, or the crickets chirping in your backyard. Nonetheless, enjoy the sounds of silence ranging from rock and roll electric solos to the soft plucking of acoustic strings.


By Sebastian Matthew

A Dead Escape

By Wen Hsiao

I’m terrified of silence.
I’m terrified of the unknown.
I’m terrified of the world losing balance.
I’m terrified of what the quiet would be if it had grown.
I’m terrified of the things that silence contains,
In my eyes, there is nothing but pain.
The things that could hurt me:
The fear of rejection.
I feel like I have sunk to the bottom of the sea.

A Heartbroken Tale & Mood

Advice: You Ask, We Answer

By Lexi Miller

Anonymous: There's a close friend of mine who talks about herself like 90% of the time. Sometimes, I feel like she just gives me statements about herself and expects me to create a conversation with them. I feel like because of this, all I want to do is talk about myself with my other friends. What do you think I should do? Am I not being clear enough about wanting to discuss other topics? Should I call her out? Am I being self-centered myself, since I don't want to listen to my friend talk about herself?

Silence in Art with SoSonia

Sonia Mandeville, better known as “SoSonia” on YouTube, is an 18 year-old creator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is best known for creating unique films through the SoulPancake YouTube channel, where she has amassed over 300,000 views on her work there alone. Her style often incorporates many different art elements, such as written word, cinematography, crafting, and stop-motion into a cohesive and captivating message.

Sonia kindly agreed to a Skype interview. As soon as the call was picked up, the video and audio revealed a headphoned Sonia in a little cafĂ© somewhere in Wisconsin, as she’s been travelling the United States for a few months. Interview by Danielle Leard.

Sensory Overload

By Esther Vdb


We Cannot Continue to Ignore Mental Illness

By Cath Lei

   I’ve dealt with depression. I never thought it was a big deal - or rather, I never thought it was a big deal to anyone other than myself. It was strange finding out there was a whole community of people who dealt with the same thing or had had similar experiences. My struggles were always invalidated by the people who were supposed to be closest to me: as far as I was concerned, I was living a good life. I had two parents. My grades were intact - even at a time when grades had so little significance. I lived under a roof. I got three meals a day. I could wake up in the morning without struggle. I could finish multiple projects, push myself to my limits - I was what most people would define as “perfect”. It’s hard to believe that accomplished people struggle- it’s hard to believe they ever stumble at all. They seem to function without failure: without any problem at all. But I can’t say they, I can only say we.

Calls From the Deep End



  By Dharma Gilley

  Life is a dash—you must propel yourself into it. It is hard work, it is mystifying, it is not meant to be ended by you. Be whoever you want to be; more than anything, embrace yourself.

Ashton Edminster: Internet Friends, Filming, and Inspiring Young Girls

Ashton Edminster, known mainly as 'musicbyashton' on various platforms , has been growing popular on social media. She started out on Vine in 2014, like most teenagers these days, and has grown to accumulate over fifty thousand followers and eighty million loops. She released her first song on iTunes, Break the Distance, in late November of 2014. The song became wildly popular due to its message regarding Internet friends. Since then, Ashton has released an EP and does small shows around her hometown in Texas. Interview by Bridget Fitzpatrick.

Viner & Content Creator Amaury on Satire and Melanie Martinez

Amaury, more often known as 'acidhunk' on social media, possesses a persona both elusive and facetious. His collective videos on Vine are nearing forty million views, and he continues to gain attention (and controversy!). Editor Olivia Ferrucci talked about satire, social media, and Melanie Martinez with Amaury for the silence issue of Lithium.

Puppies and Popularity with Instagrammer Alexandra

Photographer and Instagrammer Alexandra is not your typical social media mogul-- each and every post on her Instagram is devoted to her adorable dogs. The stars of the show, Bella and Beau, have garnered more than 100,000 followers (@bellalovesbeau). When they are not rocking tutus and ties, these sweet pups can be found strolling the streets of Greece with loving caretaker Alexandra. Our editor, Olivia Ferrucci, talked about fans and the future with Alexandra and it was incredible!


Small Talk 101

By Amanda Gordon

We all know it. We all hate it. It may be invisible, but it’s the elephant in the room. It can practically be touched, tasted, smelled and heard. The awkward silence. It is traditionally filled with sounds such as ticking clocks, elevator music, and the occasional cricket chirping. Although they are mere background noises, the formerly listed somehow emphasize the silence and appear to lengthen it.

Sound of Silence: A Playlist

By Jada Moore

1. A Moment of Silence - The Neighbourhood
A literal moment of silence is the perfect way to start off the moody, romantic tunes shortly to follow.   

Finish Off Strong

By Faith Sumastre

I prefer to finish strong in everything I do. If I had to use this as an analogy for life, I'd say to disregard high expectations for yourself whenever you start something new or pick up a new hobby. Be patient- inevitably, you'll gain momentum inevitably. You'll grow from your mistakes and you'll finish off strong and with a bang. Here's a playlist of songs that crescendo from quiet and calm to intense and loud. 

Silence Is Deadly & These Walls Have Ears

When the World Ends

By Danielle Chelosky

“What do you think it will sound like when the world ends?”
Existential curiosity bursting out of me like bees eagerly fleeing their nest.
“Perhaps we should find out.”


EYEBLOGBEAUTY: Silence & Makeup Misconceptions

Instagram user & blogger Farhath Khan (more often known by her username @eyeblogbeauty) can easily be deemed the queen of makeup. Her social media has created a large and inspiring community composed of individuals who actively admire and recreate the thousands of makeup looks featured on her page. With nearly half a million followers, Farhath's dreams are becoming more and more realistic every day. Editor Olivia Ferrucci discussed the account's creation and content choices with Farhath for the August issue of Lithium.

Finding Silence in Room 1806

By: Izzie Ramos-Foley

1:42 AM: I tucked myself in and allowed my brain to bathe in the darkness of the hotel room.

Time for Myself

By Esther Vdb

Muted Madness

By Rawan Olma

   Her 2 P.M. thoughts were beginning to sound like her 2 A.M. heartaches. She was no longer the chaotic, raging hurricanes underneath porcelain skin. She was the pitiful black and white movie scenes of soaked poetry created in the midst of a 12 A.M. downpour, the tremor of rolling thunder matching the helpless quivering of her body.

Without Pressure

I took the time to be silent. I muted my phone, sat outside, and let myself relax and draw. I feel that the art I make while relaxed is more satisfying- I feel less pressured into making something out of this world. I let my hands take control.

The LGBT+ Community: Shining in Music

By Marisol Medina

More often than not, the LGBT+ community feels silenced. However, there are ways that this means of oppression can be broken. Here are some songs (and their visual accompaniments!) that do just that.

Teenaged: A Photoset


Suffer in Silence

By Ariann Barker

My words yearn to burgeon from the depths of my lips, expose themselves to a world that is harsh and unforgiving yet strangely attentive. Instead, they settle for less, twirling around to immortalize themselves on paper. I want the best for my remarks, but I choose not to do anything. Instead, I suffer in silence.

Artist to Know - Zella Day

   Indie-pop singer Zella Day (full name Zella Day Kerr) has a magnetic allure. Dressed in earth tone dresses and flowery headbands, she's a blast from the 1960's. Zella could definitely be described as a modern day Stevie Nicks, what with her dreamy throwback vibe.

Women Silenced Through the Ages

Silence Is Not Golden

By Lou Escobar

Those whose lives were taken far too soon will not be forgotten as most thought.

The Virgin Suicides

"Added to their loveliness was a new mysterious suffering, perfectly silent, visible in the blue puffiness beneath their eyes or the way they would sometimes stop in mid-stride, look down, and shake their heads as though disagreeing with life."

Pink Plush: How I Discovered to Love Girls and Boys

By Breia Gore

7:23 AM
In kindergarten, there were pretty girls and nice boys who both took me in. Sometimes, I liked the girls a little more. Sometimes, I liked the boys a little more. But, my mother only gave me examples of love when talking about her husband.

Requiem, Tranquility, and Oblivion: A Mixed Media Project

By Syahirah Harun

Inner Thoughts

Anthony Amorim: Creating Music and a Community

Known for his comical Vines and honest personality, Anthony Amorim can only be described as a go-getter. His presence in the entertainment industry has blossomed since childhood, and his hundreds of thousands of followers continuously support his ever-evolving music career. Our editor Olivia Ferrucci discussed his upcoming album and future in the industry for Lithium's silence issue!

A Cult of Girls: Zolita on Explosion and EPs

With dazzling hooks, intrepid personality, and unapologetic lyrics, Zolita has taken the crown and created music that begs to be listened to. Her musical upbringing and education in film are a perfect storm, as each song is perplexing and beautiful in its own right. Her hard-hitting and dream-like visuals are thought-provoking, forcing their audience to watch closely and insert themselves into her world. Editor-in-chief Olivia Ferrucci talked with Zolita about everything from her unique single "Explosion" to the male gaze for the August issue of Lithium.